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My manager recommended me to be the next Department Manager for the Jewelry Department when she leaves next week O_____O

Wth was that? And when I mentioned it to her, I wasn’t even serious.. I was just telling her how a couple of people was telling me to get her position. Who would’ve thought she will really ‘consider’ it.


I only wanted to be a floor coordinator and I expressed my desire to get that position. Oh well towel.. We’ll see how everything goes. Anyway, just the mere fact she actually recommended me for the position is already something else. Yay!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:
I hated green not because I hated it, at least at first. It actually started as a joke when I began claiming I hated the color, to make fun of Ate Marianne (it was her favorite color). And before I know it, it became an acquired feeling of distaste for the color, even more so now. I grew to really not stand GREEN in any context. Haha!


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