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I don’t know… But maybe I can somehow relate? Haha! I won’t lie, I do throw Japanese words here and there when I’m talking. I do obsess over animé and manga.. I do get affected by anything I watch or read… But it is not to that degree where I consider my obsession to be so unhealthy… Well, I would believe I am not, so………….. I mean, I haven’t even cosplayed yet!!!!! (rationalization)

I’d say, I still have a life…. Haha! Don’t argue with me ‘dalla! Hahaha!

Reading the WAPANESE article was even more hilarious!!! I recommend you read it too :p

Article (c) Urban Dictionary

– – –

Fast Fact:
i have a very neat and pretty and amazing and wonderful handwriting… (translation: my handwriting sucks!)

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