So Little Time..

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Now that it’s done and over with, I am now free to cultivate my time however I want to, without feeling guilty. And you don’t know just how ecstatic I am from this point on!!!!

First off, I was able to draw more manga pages for ‘Free Hugs’! It’s about time I gather myself together and finish it!

Secondly, I’ve been obsessing myself with fanfics!!! Like seriously, I freakin’ got myself too engrossed with Skip Beat and Naruto fics!!!! I am actually geared to writing fics again… Or continue this one FY fic I started 10 years ago… It’s not popular, POPULAR okay? But I do get positive reviews from it and just recently, somebody faved it to my utter surprise! Haha!!!

Thirdly, I finally got the chance to finish the Aya picture I’ve been struggling to draw, to complete this ‘Flower set version 2’ I started accidentally co I needed to do something to kill the time. I was very proud of the pictures i drew tho *sniff*

Fourth, I’m able to update my Tumblr pages… I miss it so much!

Fifth, I was able to finally sketch concept art for my commissioner. It’s been long overdue… I’m glad she’s always so patient with me…

And lastly, I’m able to slowly update myself with all the manga I’ve missed the past few months, thanks to my ancient laptop that always fails me… And like right now, I was reading some manga updates when it decided to freeze on me! Like seriously??? You’re doing this to me??!!?!?!! Ugh!!! I won’t give up!!!

After all these, imma start picking up where I left off with my animé, respectively Ano Hana and Ao no Exorcist. After AX, now I’m compelled to watch High School of the Dead as well… Oh! Kim Tae Hee’s Princess drama, too! I gotta finish it! I needa finish everything that I started!

Gawd! I have so many things I wanna do but it seems like time is not enough for me…. But don’t worry Lexie-chan, slowly but surely!!! Yay!

– – –

Fast Fact:
I don’t drink any type of Soda, Coffee, Iced Tea and Beer. Either Lemonade/Orange juice, Chocolate or Water would be the only thing I’m willing to take in my system… And although tasty mixed alcoholic drinks too ❤


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