I’m back!

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I seriously thought it’ll be forever goodbye WordPress when the automated anti-spam control of their site flagged my site as SPAM. I don’t know where that even came up to be. If by spam is what they refer to multiple posts in one day, then that really is just absurd 😐


It was a really an upsetting event. More than anything, my online journal is very important to me. Gawd! For a while there, I thought I’ll have my online sanctuary vanished for some stupid reason! LOL! Afterall, they can’t expect me to go back to Easyjournal (I checked and it’s already non-existent… Goodbye 7 years of memories…), Livejournal (too complicated for my taste), Tumblr (exclusive for my artworks and occasional fangasm posts) and/or Multiply (I just don’t use it, period).


But I’ll end my rant right now. I’m already satisfied that I won my plea so post galore in a few!!!!




– – –


<b>Fast Fact:</b>

I can never ever get tired of eating burrito. Seriously!


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