There’s Progress :3

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Finally, I am learning the art of discipline…

Previously, I was ranting about how I never get to finish anything I started? Well, I am having some progress :3

Recently, I just finished the draft of my fanfic. I don’t wanna touch it again until this coming November for Nano wrimo :3 Just in case… Especially that I am still getting feedbacks from friends. But point is, I FINISHED IT!!! The actual writing won’t be as hard than conceptualizing it.

Then, I finished my long overdue commission. Gawd! It took so much time than I have expected… I’m still getting accustomed with Kurotab (my Tablet’s name) but I think I’m getting the hang of it :3 And if I may say so myself, the picture came out rather well :3 And as long as commissioner is happy, I am happy :3

Also, I started ‘Free Hugs’ Draft again! It’s been a while since I last touched it!!! And so far, so good!!! There’s actually 8 more pages until I’m done with my drafts and I can start inking!!! I love inking!!!! Haha!!! Toning and lettering is the hardest part.. Especially if your laptop is as slow as mine. Ugh!

In between, I try to write something for my novel… I don’t know when imma finish it… I haven’t even typed it yet!!! And then I need to edit it and chop off unnecessary stuff.. So tedious!!! But as long as I continue it bit by bit, I’m content.

I know I’m pretty slowwww finishing up my projects… But I see some progress. At times, I’m still tempted to stray away and do some other stuff like read manga, watch animé or stay OL. But I fight it and do what’s important!!! I’ll be able to see some results very soon! And I am very excited!!!

Ahh… So much artistic drive… I LOVE IT!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:
For the longest time, I’ve viewed CHIRIKO, of Fushigi Yugi, as a young girl instead of a boy……… And even with the knowledge of Chiriko’s real gender, I can’t look at him any other way but as a girl… I’m so sorry Watase-sensei!!!

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