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It’s past 5 in the morning and like always, I’m still up and about. Lately, I’ve been preoccupying myself with different“stuff”. And today, my attention was directed towards Asian movies.


Yep, that’s right… After learning that Koukou Debut live action is already up with English subs, I didn’t miss the chance to watch it!!!! And OMFG! It deserves a post on this blog because it was really well made!!!! I know I am still not used with Japanese acting but I thought the movie was really adorable! In fact, from beginning to end, I was seriously kyah’ing all the way! I find it really endearing and cute and they ended at the most appropriate part :3 I am seriously satisfied. Hai hai!!!!


Recently, I watched two amazing Thai movies as well entitled “Seasons Change” and ” Hello Stranger”. Both were really top notch movies!!! Currently downloading my next Thai movie entitled “Fan Chan”. A lot of Thai enthusiasts like this film so I am looking forward to it after my DL!


When I’ve got the time, I will write a more detailed review of said movies I just mentioned…


Well, I have downloaded Lovely Complex live action, too. I’ve been meaning to watch it after Koukou Debut but I was so psyched that I ranted about Koukou Debut it on twitter and fb. That practically took all my free time so I needa postpone Love.Com…. :c I’ll watch it tomorrow maybe.


I needa find time to watch Ao no Exorcist, A Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Bleach Movie 4 as well!!!! Oh gawd… Oh gawd….!!!!! I can’t be stopped!!! Kyahness!!!!


At least, I’ve been very productive this day. I bought stuff from Bath and Body Works, got my LBC box, purchased my new phone, finished up Ate Chelle’s ‘Save the Date’ postcard, went to the gym and even drew a page of my manga!!!!


Oh wow!!!! This is awesome!!! HAHA!!!! I wish I’ll be as productive tomorrow!!!! My priority would be to draw more and gym and pack my LBC box. HAHA!!!


Goodluck me!!!!


– – –

Fast Fact:


I like the anime and manga in Japan most.

I like the idols/celebrities in Korea most.

I like the movies in Thailand and their movie’s OST most.


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