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earlier today, I was talking with my dad. The premise was about my brother’s immigration paper works that the lawyer, yet again, messed up. I swear to God, this lawyer’s credibility is going down the drain….


Anyway, afterwards, he then asked me when imma go back to the Philippines. I told him when and then he opened up the topic about my desire to take a certification. And I was shocked that instead of just getting a certification, he actually wanted me to pursue a fast track degree on it!!!!


My goodness gracious…. I don’t know what kind of spirit took over my dad’s soul but that was probably the nicest thing he has ever told me. I mean, the both of us aren’t exactly very sympatico with each other (to be discussed in detail soon)… And for him to be finally saying these words came to be such a surprise!!!!


In a good way, okay?


But wow………….


This time for sure, I am finally leaving the past behind, I know it won’t be easy. I know everything won’t be as simple as I wanted it to be but I know that these baby steps will take me to my happiness… I cannot wait!!!!


– – –


Fast Fact:

Obviously, I sing better in Japanese than in Korean. Korean language is no joke! And after so many years, I still don’t know more than 10 words in this language. Frustrating!!!! I’ll just master Japanese… *sigh*


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