KND at the Pike

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After deciding to ditch gym, Ate Mai and I left for Long Beach around 7ish to meet up with Shawn and Misha.

The Pike, to tell you the truth, was one of my date spots with Chris… And lo and behold! I’m back here for another date!!! Haha!!!

Apparently, the guy, whose name I really can’t remember now, was late. So the four of us decided to go ahead and order our food.


We had Chicken Wings, Cowboy fries and Artichoke Dip.

Oh. , I had my ‘Sexy’ drink, fit for Sexy Lexie as well :3


Unfortunately, the drink was a bit too strong for my taste so I had to change it with ‘Fruit Cup’, hoping it’ll be sweeter and to my liking. Of course i was gravely mistaken….

Anyway, after a while the guy came wearing jeans and a hoodie.. -___- I don’t know if he knew it’ll be a sort of a group date or whatever but I felt so over dressed… I know it isn’t obvious but for today, I picked a decent outfit, put on my face and even dyed my hair (I’ve been meaning to dye my hair a while now but since it’s a date, WTH right? I’ll just do it same day).

Oh well, so much for that.

So, when we were all full and happy, we went ahead and played pool. It was fun we played a couple of games til Brian came to join us.

It was early when the dude left and only then that I came to know that dude was actually divorced e_______e;

Like, seriously?

Why do I always end up with either the worst guys or those ones that were previously married….??!!?!!!

Ugh. Preposterous!!!

I don’t particularly find him attractive but I’m open with anything… Haha! We’ll see… As long as guys unattached, I guess I can’t complain..

– – –

Fast Fact:


I find Hello Kitty cute. But of course I prefer Mashi Maro over her <(*A*)9

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