BLEACH: Jigoku Hen

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OMFG! I finally watched this movie after forever!!! And man, was that the best Bleach movie ever!!! I like the script and the action and the fluff and just about everything about it!!!! When you think you are finally reaching the climax, another one comes and it was just so exciting!!!!

And Ichigo’s othe transformation was so hawt!!!! Oh gawd! I love him forever!!!!

Artwork (c) Owner


But what was really amazing about this movie was Inoue’s open affection towards Ichigo!!!!


I super recommend this movie!!! And up to the very end, it was just supah fun to watch! HAHA!

– – –

<b>Fast Fact:</b>

I actually don’t like taking pictures. Even as a child, I felt it awkward to stand in front of the camera and “emote”. HAHA!!! I will truly regret not having pictures as remembrance in the coming years…. But group pictures, I don’t mind, I think. HAHA!!!

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