Halloween at Work

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And so, for the third consecutive year, I wore my maid costume. This time, at work.

To be honest, I wanted to dress up as Red Riding Hood but since I’m working Halloween weekend, I wouldn’t even waste time (and money) for it. It’s not like I can go party anyway…

And then, few days earlier, Jessica, my department manager, told me that we can wear costumes for work!!! And we vowed to dress up and win that price (unless it was a joke).

Truthfully. I was a bit hesitant going through with it. I feel like I’ll look funny.. I was even kinda sweating… But as I got to my department, I got nothing but compliments :3 it was to an extent that even people that I don’t even talk to started talking to me, if only to compliment my outfit!!! Haha!!! Even the store manager, the BIG BOSS, said I look good! He doesn’t even talk to me except for the occasional courtesy greeting when we pass each other (very rare, too!). I don’t even think he knows my name…!


Well, I didn’t intend to wear my costume for the whole shift. My feet hurts coz of the boots I wore for the first time and anyway, I’m by myself in my department, so I took it off after my lunch… When people saw me, everybody expressed their disappointment of my decision to change!!!! It was so odd!!! Haha! All the attention, so suddenly, was weird. Hahaha!

But in its entirety, I was quite pleased. I didn’t expect a lot of affirmations or even an affirmation to begin with! Hahaha!!! It felt really flattering. Hahaha! I’m definitely satisfied :3

Oh well, towel. After tonight, it’s NANOWRIMO TIME!!!!!

Goodluck to me! Oh well, towel…


Fast Fact:
When I was young, I loved going to Uniwide instead of SM. Even as a child, I was truly ghetto…

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