Simple rant of an old maid

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I found out on Twitter that a certain manga entitled  “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu” would end this November after running it for 4 years. I’m familiar with this title. I know Cha recommended this to me a long time ago and actually checked out this manga a long time ago (it’s one of the most popular manga on Onemanga before).


I didn’t read it coz of its ongoing status. And then I just forgot about it. I don’t even remember what the story’s about. but when I saw the post on Twitter, I just had to check it out. Which I did because I really want to read it until I was exposed to the fact that this manga is not just a Shoujo.


This manga is also categorized as SMUT and lo and behold the picture on the first page of google when I was searching for this manga was this:


OMFG!!!! Porn on my journal... WHUT??!?!?!!!?!?


Y Y Y Y Y Y??!?!?!?!!!??? TTATT


Why does it have to be a smut???!!?!!?!???!??? And I really want to read it, too! The drawing is so amazing for me to just ignore and then I found this??!!?!?!??!!?!? This is what I get for always looking for pictures!!!! I always spoil myself in a very negative sense… I am devastated!!! I am crushed!!!!! I am utterly disappointed!!!!!!




And I dare call myself an Otaku??? how can I be an Otaku if I am this callow???!!?!? I hate it… I hate it when I am like this…. It’s not a good trait to be a prude when it comes to this kind of stuff especially when I am already this old… How frustrating….


So maybe, I’ll gain enough courage until I can finally have the guts to read this. And although the art is really, really REALLY amazing, I would have to hold off reading this until I am truly prepare…


Oh gawd, Lexie-chan, you are so weird!

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