Useless Rant of a Virgin

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Well, if you can stomach such gross stuff, proceed and read after the cut. And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

I had my period and when I thought that I’ve been very careful not to leave evidences in the bathroom, I ended up still doing it!!! I can’t believe it! And my cousin always finds out about it!!!! It’s so shameful |||OTL


That’s why he told me ever so bluntly for me to just use some tampons.










He expects me to use something where I would have to insert something inside of me…….. D:


I know it’s so stupid even worrying about it BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!! It’s still a foreign item inside me and it sounds so ridiculous, really >_<


I admit I kinda contemplated using one but those were the days when I am overridden by reason because I am so irritated (Period related)… But the thought is still absurd. I don’t know…. Maybe I would. They say it’s cleaner anyway. And it’s not annoying and practical. Imagine the relief of that.


But I don’t know.


We’ll see what my mood will be in a few months… I have a few months to decide.


And yes, I am making an issue about it and I am actually blogging about it, too.


Gawd, Lexie-chan, you are so weird @_@

6 Responses to “Useless Rant of a Virgin”

  1. Well, your period shouldn’t be shameful, nor the acknowledgement of it. I can understand someone being cleanly, but I don’t think we should be obsessed with removing every piece of “evidence”… If your cousin knows, that’s his/her problem – in fact, they shouldn’t really even be voicing that you’re on your period anyways unless you’re being unsanitary. If they choose to look or dig around in the garbage to find things, then they are the one ‘at fault’.

    When it comes to tampons, I don’t think you should be using it on the account of someone else! Your choice of feminine hygiene products is a personal choice and of course if you had so much contemplation whether tampons are right for you, that should already be a hint as to whether you should be using tampons or not. I know a lot of tampon-lovers will say, “OMG, tampon rocks!!!!” or “Ew, pads are like diapers, you should switch!” those are the opinions which they feel are best for them and may not necessarily be what’s best for you!

    Before you start trekking down the path of using tampons, you should familiarize yourself with the pros AND cons of them. Tampons aren’t without their risk and inconveniences, so they are not the “ultimate solution to pads” per se.

    If you want an internal solution to your menstrual needs, you could always consider a menstrual cup or sponge – or perhaps even try cloth pads which are really great. Both of those don’t (or shouldn’t) leave any evidence behind, no wrapper, no sound, and nothing to dispose.

    Honestly, leave your choice of menstrual options in your own hands and for YOUR own hygiene, don’t choose a product on the account of wanting to hide your period or to convenience someone else. It’s your body, your vagina, YOUR period – so it is something you should feel empowered to take advantage of and not let someone else interfere with your right to your own menstrual needs.

    • I don’t know what his problem sometimes… And there are also times when he tells everybody else about the stain I leave. Well, it’s not like I asked for it! He’s not a girl so he wouldn’t know that things just happen sometimes. He acts like I am doing it on purpose, too. Arg!!!! But I totally agree that I should make the decision when it comes to using pads or tampons. It may be a little silly but to be told what you should be doing was the thing being an issue now. I really can’t explain…

      But thanks for voicing out your concern. And your WP name is awesome! HAHA!

  2. LOL tampons. It was my first time to see one nung summer outing ng company. Looking at it makes me feel awkward actually… sorry, I think pareho tayo. hahahaha

    Matigas kasi mukha ko pag me period at gustong magswimming. OTL
    Dinadaan sa FAITH. OMG hahahahahah

    • Haha!!! Pareho tayo ate!!! Grabeh! Hindi ko tata ma-imagine sarili ko na mag-tampon!!!! Ang neener pewo yun ang totoo… Box nga lang nakita ko eh, hindi pa ung real thing except sa TV. HAHA! Ang loser ko!!!

      At ako, kapalan lang, nag-swi-swimming parin kahit na may period!!! Haha! True boss!!!

      • Does your dad usually buy the pads/tampons in the house? Why would your dad be involved in what products you use or that you would have to let him know? 😛 Are tampons not very popular in your country? Most girls probably still typically use napkins?

      • It’s not my Dad. Its my cousin. He’s an only child so maybe he’s not used to normal ‘gurl stuff’. Lol, I sound like I’m defending him when it’s against my will. I should be upset. Haha!!!

        In my hometown, tampons are not popular.

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