Incredibly Nonsense Rant of a Fugly

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Okay. Sometimes, I honestly do wish I was born pretty. But no, the heavens decided to make me short, fat and perfect specie for pimple cultivation 😐


But these small insecurities are not to the point that makes me want to change everything about me. I mean, if I truly want to, I would’ve changed way WAAAAAAAYYY before. I guess sometimes I think stuff like this because I grew up being compared to everyone because I am being me. the epitome of a real lazy-with-no-care-to-the-world-artist. I never regretted living as such.


And also, contributing to this are all these freakin’ gorgeous people called idols! Rawr!


Ahhh…. so now, I am making this entry as a BoA appreciation post afterall… At least that won’t make this entry as nonsense as I said earlier. HAHA!!!!


Pure charisma!


Natural Beauty!


And she can also be fierce! Rawr!


BoA's tattoo... What a tease!


That doll like elegance!




And the most anticipated single "Milestone" to come out on December... It's been a year without any songs from her and then BOOM!!!!! Another hit!


And a BONUS because I can’t help not to post it!!!!





HAHA! I think I’m an official SONE now..! LOL!


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