Pride is in the Way

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Well, I haven’t been talking to Kam for a few days now, not because we don’t have anything to talk about but because he freakin’ pissed me off!!!

So a few days ago, I randomly texted him, citing that there was a new associate promoted as a CSM (Kam’s position). And he was like, “They promoted her because they fired me.”

Of course I denied what he said. It’s not possible. So I inquired about it more, making sure. I can’t back down. i asked hm over and over again. And then I asked another CSM to confirm it and they said he was scheduled to come at 10am but he’s still not at the store. I was starting to get worried. And his explanation to nullify all my protests was becoming very logical…

After sometime, I saw the same freakin’ asshole walking around the store!!!!! Like really!!!!! What a total douchebag!!!! I was genuinely concerned about him, too!!!! And I usually am nonchalant about stuff like this as long as it doesn’t concern me. Arg!!!! I know it was a simple prank but you see, he quit his other job, he told me he was fired and I was just about to tell him that I already got my tickets and will leave LA in January…. I was thinking about him all throughout.

I imagined how much it will break his heart…

And I’ll only find out he was just pulling a prank on me?!!!?!?!?!???!!? Oh gawd, I was infuriated! Arg! What a total waste of emotional investment!!!!

I don’t care if it’s childish but I honestly think he should get all the blame for having a difficult relationship with me right now. And that ass, only apologized over the text on that same day. After that, he never came to me to apologize or at least text me to ask for my forgiveness again. I know I get irritated seeing him so I ignore him but for him to really just brush it off was upsetting me even more!!!! And he treats everything as a joke. And if he’s giving me space so I can cool my head, that definitely didn’t work to his advantaged. That only enraged me more!!!

Arg! Seriously! I am so pissed I just wanna smack him! And he should really be worried because he can’t expect me to treat him the same way again. He shouldn’t even be tempting me. He’s the one attached to me, not the other way around.

And I won’t approach him first. He needs to seriously consider pleasing me so I can forgive him. Arg! My pride will be his perfect punishment!

I’m done with him >:E


– – –

Fast Fact:

I prefer Disney Channel over Nickelodeon.

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