A Desperate Attack on Nanowrimo

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At the last minute, I got influenced by my friend to join Nanowrimo again..

I never intended one, really, since I didn’t make 50K last year. It was depressing but look, here am I again, burying myself :c

This year, instead of re-writing one of my stories/manga like I used to last year (I rewrote ‘The Soul’), I decided to redo an existing fanfic I did about 6 years ago entitled ‘A Pile of Ashes’.

This fanfic is of course, based from ‘Fushigi Yugi’.

The first 3 chapters was a breeze. I wrote it in a matter of days and I was actually ahead of schedule. And then comes fourth and my god, the fifth chapter…!!!!! It just went downhill!!! Events from the story felt like rubbish! Ugh!!! So many unnecessary scenes and conversation and it felt like I was just beating around the bush.

And as a desperate move to increase my word count, I resorted to dedicating chapter 6 to LEMON.



*sign of the cross*

Well, I haven’t really written it yet. But I plan to. So far, the only steamy scene that I have ever really managed to write were kissing scenes. Haha! And maybe some seme scenes to add color? LOLOLOL!

If only i weren’t too distracted catching up to 3 years worth of ‘SNSD’ clips, I wouldn’t be sticking my nose on my laptop too much watching videos instead of writing. Ugh!

I haven’t edited anything from the fanfic but I’m sure imma chop off a huge part of everything I’ve written so far. Just now, the goal is to write a 50k story!!!!!

Deadline’s on the 30th and I only have 17k words written so far.


Good luck with that Lexie-chan!

– – –

Fast Fact:
I don’t get manicure because I have ugly nails. Ugh!

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