Love for SNSD

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If I would describe the SNSD members in ONE word:

1. Taeyeon – DORK
2. Tiffany – EYESMILE
3. Jessica – ICE
4. Sunny – AEGYO
5. Sooyoung – VARIETY
6. Hyoyeon – DANCER
7. Yuri – S-LINE
8. Yoona – CHARMING
9. Seohyun – PURE

I know it’s a bit late but it turns out I’ve become a fan of these gurls… For the past few days, I couldn’t concentrate with my Nanowrimo entry because I was so busy watching SNSD clips and being a S<3NE.

So far, my favorites are Intimate Note with SNSD and ep.11 of Win Win. It had become a habit that I watch either one of these shows each day if only to witness how much of a dork these funny people are.

And now, I've started watching Hello Baby and have been religiously seeing it everyday!!!! In a span of three days, i managed to watch 16 episodes already (one episode is an hour long clip)!!! And in between, I'm also watching Star Life Theater and various various shows by these gurls. Of course that includes Girls Go To School where the gurls were barely recognized when it first aired. It was a show before or a month after their debut. Watching the 9 episode show, and watching all their struggles and worries and success was worthy of an award! And look at them now? Korea's own representatives! Haha!!! Woot!

I don't know… I really don't know why all of a sudden, I'm involving myself with SNSD!!!! Arg! Unbelievable!!!

But thing is, I don't regret anything!!! Except maybe the fact I'm not updating myself with any BoA shows. Though she's been in a low after Hurricane Venus and the completion of her movie. I don't have any control on that but it's cool. BoA will always be in my heart :3

My gawd, now catching up to 4 years worth of So Nyu Shi Dae! Please let me survive this!!!! I love these gurls to death!

NO SHAME!!! Haha!

Anyhoo, imma end this entry now. Watch out for my 'The Boys' album review. Haha! I'm on the roll! Lololol!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:
Jessica may be my least favorite gurl from SNSD but ironically, it’s only her voice I don’t have a hard time recognizing from their songs. Haha!!!

(My most fave would be Taeyeon and Tiffany. Woot! TaeNy!!!! Haha!!!)










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