Mixed Signals

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‘How am I supposed to get over you if you always give me reasons to think otherwise?’

A tweet I deleted because I forgot Sidney has a Twitter account and the both of us follow each other. I know he doesn’t use it but better be safe than sorry.




That’s right.

After forever, I am blogging about Sidney yet again. How can I NOT after he just invited me to a Laker’s game on VALENTINE’S DAY??!!?!!?!!!!???!


i swear to God, I try not to over think stuff but when a guy asks you something like this, you can’t just NOT think of any crazy possibilities.

Like, seriously!!!!!

Why are you doing this to me??!!?!???!!?

I know I am over the issue, after some rude awakening from BESTEST best friend, but if you say something like this, old feelings tend to resurface.

And although this invitation made my heart swell, I can’t help but be anxious of his real motivations. I may be just creating another illusion but damn, who can blame me?!

And he even got me a Christmas present! I didn’t even get him anything!

Oh gawd, Y Y Y Y?!!?!!!!?!??

– – –

Fast Fact:
I want to fall in love. But my incapability to get attached and my amazing ability to like guys that doesn’t like me has proven to be my greatest obstacle in finding love.


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