New Year Selca

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Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

Although it was proven that this year won’t be the end of the Earth just yet, it’s still a sad thing that Japan was hit again by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake :c

There wasn’t any tsunami alert, but it’s still a very unfortunate occurrence :c

Anyway, we’re starting the New Year!!! Looking back, 2011 had more downs than ups for me but it was nothing less but pure awesomeness!!!

I was able to spend time with my sister from her last US visit, met a lot of friends, travelled a lot, and received a lot of blessings!!!

It was so much blessings that I felt I don’t deserve it……… Lol! But I’m still thankful! (I’ll go in full detail soon *3*)

Hoping for a great year this year, too! 2012, make it our year!!!!

And as I say byebye, here’s an awkward looking selca… Gawd, do I hate taking pictures!!! Haha!!! Ohwell, towel :3


– – –

Fast Fact:
I like the fact that I’ve always been the youngest in my group of friends.. Or at least I stand in the middle but never the oldest one… But sometimes, I kinda fantasize being called an unnie………………… Haha! I know! That’s just so weird! I am so weird!!!!! *A*

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