Ice Princess: GorJESS

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First of all, lemme say that Jessica is not my favorite SNSD member. If I would have to rank SNSD based on my own preference, she would be at the lower half.

In fact, I didn’t like her to that extent, that she’s the only one I remembered from the SM Town concert in LA a few years back! When I saw her perform Tik Tok with Krystal, I was like ‘Eww, she’s ugly’. And from then, that notion was stuck in my head and didn’t forget about her.

It didn’t help, too, that her voice sounded too squeaky for me. I like Taeyeon, Sohyun and Tiffany’s strong and steady voice over her.

And then I started watching a couple of SNSD clips and still didn’t like her mainly coz of her looks.


^This hairstyle definitely wasn’t flattering. I hated it!!! She looked even more unattractive with it.


^ and this particular pic, although still unattractive, somehow made her adorable. A definite example of her being an Ice Princess. She looked so uninterested. Haha!!!

And then she had the blonde hair…………




I know it’s not her fault for having that kind of hairstyle especially that she’s promoting for her ‘Legally Blonde’ musical. Actually, it’s not THAT bad…. But there’s only a few Asian who can pull off a blonde, really. And most often than not, it doesn’t suit Jessica in my opinion. There were certain shades that just made her look older… And we wouldn’t want that right???

And then, I watched more SNSD clips and saw Girls Go to School. I saw a younger Jessica with her dark brown hair and I thought, oh she’s not that bad…


It’s apparent that she’s still in that awkward puberty stage… And then, improvement on how she looked was more visible after a while..


^ Now, that’s really pretty. I think maintaining her natural Asian look was the best for her. The bangs, her hair color, her soft make up really suits her.

And when you thought she can’t be any prettier than that, The Boys album came out..


Mr. Taxi new promotional pic was also released…


And then, there was a news that Jessica made it on a certain ‘100 Most Beautiful Women’ poll and posted this picture of her…..


All those current pictures, I find really pretty now. I think I started with SNSD at a wrong time when Jessica showcased the look I usually wouldn’t appreciate. And as I watched more and more of them, I soon realized how wrong my views were at the time. I was too quick to judge even if it’s just a shallow preference. I mean come on, it’s just ‘the looks’.

And when I thought I have finally accepted the fact that Jessica is really pretty, just a few days ago, I saw these pictures from her solo photoshoot for Singles



That was such a WTF moment for me!!! She’s GorJESS alright!!!! The hair, the style, the pose, the look!!! Everything was just so pretty that I couldn’t even believe my eyes!!!

I know, it sounds so exaggerated but for a person who likes pictures/artbooks/photobooks, that photoshoot really caught my attention… And the fact that Jessica is actually one of the best dressed in SNSD aside from Sooyoung (in my opinion) you really can’t help but appreciate this particular magazine feature spread.

It was to the point that I even have to make a post about it! Hahahahah!!!!

I’m so pathetic like that. As if I have a lot of time to be doing this, really… Haha!!!

Oh well, towel. I just felt like fangurling :p I’m so LOL’ng at my myself right now… Haha!!!!

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Fast Fact:
I always put rice on my plate FIRST before the dish. It can never ever be the dish before the rice!!! EVER!!! And usually, dish on top of the rice not anywhere else on my plate.

Is that weird?

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