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So yesterday, I finally got my 2 new cartilage piercings!!!!!


The very bottom one hurts like shit when I got it!!!! Oh gawd! But I thought it was worth it :3 I could’ve done it closer with each other but at least the distance between the three earrings were perfect so it’s still very satisfying.

And in case you’re wondering, yes. This is in reference to BoA’s very own piercings…


I guess, I’m that much of a fan of hers… Hahahahaha!!!

BoA-jjang, hwaiting!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:
I now have in total of 7 piercings. 5 on my left ear and 2 on the other side :3. And for some reason, I only wear earrings on my left ear. Like I told Kim, it’s sort of my fashion sense for me, no matter how lameeeeeeee. Hahahahah!!!

2 Responses to “Piercings”

  1. I am contemplating a piercing (nipple), the pain thing doesn’t worry, it cant be worse than THAT waxing but how it is perceived when others see it at the beach etc is the concern.

    • Nipple piercing is not as uncommon as it was before. And although people may not like it for some reason, it’s really not their concern anymore. So just do what will make you happy and satisfied :3

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