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I guess I have really sank that loooooowwww….

I can’t believe that one moment, I was just watching clips about Invincible Youth Season 1 and then the next moment, I’m already watching YulTi fan vids???!!?!?!!!!?


This is insane… It’s not that I like yuri stuff (GirlxGirl) but the interaction between these people are really adorableeee!!! Especially around the Soshi members. Haha!!!! The last time I watched something like this was during SooSica. They are such funny ‘couple’, too! Lol!

Haha!!! It’s so entertaining!!!! Seriously!!! I don’t know what to do with myself anymore!!!!


– – –

Fast Fact:
I can’t help being a total snob sometimes despite my bright personality. I just can’t tolerate annoying people the most..


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