Invincible Youth

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Ahh!!!! I am currently watching the 51st episode of Invincible Youth Season 1. It happens to be the one year special episode. I was really looking forward to it and by the first scene, it was already so jjang!

For this episode, Sunny, HyunA and Taewoo were special guests. But I don’t consider them as such because they were the original G7 afterll!!!! And although the new members aren’t that bad, nothing can quite fill the void Sunny, Yuri, HyunA and Taewoo left when they had to depart from the show….

It was so heart breaking…. So after almost 20 episodes, here they are again and everyone was just so happy!!!! I miss Sunny so much!!! And HyunA, too!!!! Those two are daebak!!! (not much of a fan of Yuri and to me, the show can go on without her)

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t feel the whole impact of the show because of the crappy internet connection we have!!! And take note, we are subscribed to the fastest internet connection here in the Philippines!!!!


To be honest, I could’ve finished the whole show a while back if only I don’t have to suffer like this…. Ugh! But at least I only have 7 more episodes to go until it’s over and then I can move on with my lifeeee…. HAHA! My other persona, my artist side, misses me! LOL!!!

But no matter…


– – –

<b>Fast Fact:</b>

I didn’t say I never tried, but to be honest, Japanese shows doesn’t entertain me as much as Korean shows even if I don’t know what the hell they’re saying in hangul without subs… Japanese humor, unless it’s in anime or manga version, just really don’t appeal to me…. Gomen.

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