SNSD and Dangerous Boys

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Anyway, on a lighter note, I just officially finished watching Invincible Youth. All 58 (more than) hour long episodes plus one special episode earlier and it left me with a bitter sweet feeling.

This show is actually very good and I loved everything about it. Especially when Sunny, HyunA, Taewoo and Yuri (purposely mentioning Yuri last because she didn’t make much of an impact to the show, in my opinion, so I wasn’t too upset that she left) was still on the show.

But all good things had to end. I’ve enjoyed it while it lasted through this show, I am sure to check out the other girl idol groups, too (Brown Eyed Girls, T-ARA, KARA, SECRET, f(x), 4MIN).

Sunny, Yuri, Hara, HyunA, Narsha, Hyomin, Sunhwa, Victoria, Juyeon, Sori, Shinyeong, Taewoo, Chief Noh

I loved the show so much I even know all the cast’s name! That’s something especially coming from me!!!

Anyhoo, since I finished the show, I am left with my boring existence and decided to re-watch an episode of SNSD on youtube.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been active on FB, DA and Tumblr coz of Youtube that I even have an account on it (quite old though).

One of my habits aside from watching clips are to read comments, and post comments as well. I find it really entertaining and interactive.

And lo and behold:


I was just about to check if there were any new comments worth reading when my very own comment became one of the top comments on the particular clip!!!!


That was so cool!!!! I’ve been leaving comments around, here and there, and I wonder if some of them had likes as well. Hahahahahaha!!!

A temporary moment of fame :p

It’s so funneh!!!!!



Fast Fact:
I’m sure imma make a post about it, too but to be honest, I am really not a fan of Yuri -_____- but of course she deserves her spot in SNSD and it’s still wouldn’t be SNSD without her so……. Yeah. Haha!!!

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