Finding Love

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“How proactive should one be when looking for love? Go out and ‘search’ or allow them to find you?”

To answer that question myself, I really wouldn’t know….

Personally, I would have preferred if I meet my fated one by some kind of destiny whatnot. Aside from being uber romantic, I find it very magical. I mean, what are the chances, right? Finding my other half, my one coquette — the answer to my love’s duet…! (note: in reference to Disney’s Enchanted). That’s really what I call ‘meant to be’. Fate just brings you both together. Kyah!!! Truly romantic!!!

But on the other hand, if I’ll just continue to wait and wait…. AND wait, I might just lose the opportunity to find him. Maybe because somebody was fast enough to snatch him before he meets me or there’s just no such thing as fate.

It’s a bit unfair. Both option is a gamble.

So frustrating…!

If I get so pissed of, I think I’ll just maintain my relationship with fandom and get old, alone, with my cute 27 cats…….


– – –

Fast Fact:
I’ve never been a fan of drama.

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