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Well, obviously, I’ve been so into Girls’ Generation lately.


But if there’s another group that somehow piqued my interest, I think that would probably be KARA.





I had my first KARA encounter when I was listening to “Boys Over Flowers” OST. They had this particular song entitled “Love is Fire”. I got so addicted to it at a certain point and kept obsessing over it for days. But that was the extent of it. Unlike when I first heard “Every Heart” by BoA, I never had this compulsion to know everything about Kara like how I felt with BoA or now, towards Girls’ Generation.


What I’m saying is, they didn’t have a lasting appeal to me like the other artists.


Even after listening to “Mister” or “Lupin”… I mean, I haven’t even downloaded any of those songs and they are pretty popular.


It was only recently, when I started watching Invincible Youth, that I started liking this Kara group again, thanks to Goo Hara.


But to be honest, if there’s one thing that I really, really like about this group, is that these gurls are all so pretty. HAHA! So I guess when it all comes down to it, I can only like them because they are pretty -______-. LOL. Kidding aside, I’ve grown a sort of attachment towards Goo Hara. So I guess it’s enough for me to watch out for this group. Aside from Goo Hara, I think I kinda like Nicole, too. It’s awesome coz these two gurls have always had this competitiveness air around them. It’s quite refreshing. They are not to be taken lightly. Just watch Invincible Youth and/or Dream Team to know what I’m talking about.


Anyway, so recently, they released their new single. Actually, there’s two. Girls Power and Speed Up.




I would have to say, the contrasting concept of Angelic and Devilish flare of both cover is really eye catching. It made me want to watch both music video as soon as it’s already posted. Which I did of course :3 You can view the said music video by clicking the song titles below.


Speed Up  |  Girls Power


I find both songs really entertaining. Like I said, the contrasting flavor of both video is quite interesting. To be honest, I have no doubt as to why these gurls are so popular in Japan. No offense, but their type of music (or voice quality to be more accurate) is definitely at par to the Japanese taste. High pitch, cutesy and a bit squeaky. All of their voices have the same color, in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll ever distinguish each and everyone’s voice from the other.


It’s not that it’s such a bad thing. It’s just… Coz all of them are the same in terms of singing, I get bored so easily…………………………. There’s not too much variation. No part to actually look forward to. LIke when I listen to Girls’ Generation. I wait for Taeyeon’s strong and powerful adlibs, Tiffany’s husky voice, Sunny and Seohyun’s steady voice, Sooyoung and Yuri’s cute part, Jessica’s high notes (most of the time, I don’t really like it tho except during Sweet Delight and Bad Girls. HAHA!), Yoona’s part and even Hyoyeon’s strong vocal color…


Well, I’m just glad that at the very least, KARA are very visually appealing. And they are blessed with catchy songs to date, enough to cater the fans.


Despite that, this group had established themselves quite strongly already. So…. better watch out :3






For some reason, it still feels like I’m promoting Girls’ Generation instead of focusing on Kara… HAHA! But seriously, Kara is a great group :3



– – –


Fast Facts:

I hate wearing bras. More often than not, I don’t really wear bras. Even when going out. HAHA! You don’t even know how many times Brian had caught me not wearing bras outside home. HAHA!!!! Oh well, towel…. BRAS are hateful!!!!

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