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As if I can still deny the fact that I’ve already been converted into a SONE… I mean, even if I tell myself I just ‘like’ SNSD superficially unlike my admiration towards BoA, nobody would really believe my words as credible… I mean, I can’t even stop patronizing their stuff! Even I won’t believe myself denying the SONE in me…Ugh! It’s like a religion now!!! Ugh!!!

Although you won’t believe me, I wanna voice out the fact that I didn’t choose to be a SONE. I don’t want to be a fan of any fandom aside from BoA to begin with! It’s too time consuming and not my style… I’m a loyal fan of BoA since the very beginning. But SNSD’s charm is harder to ignore and to not appreciate… Before I know it, I just caved in… Dammit!


Anyway… So with that being said, I have decided that I want to write an SNSD series that will talk about my detailed explanation why I like these gurls so much. One post wouldn’t be enough for I have to write one post for each member!!! Originally, I just planned on writing an article based from my SNSD bias. And then, when I was already narrowing down my most favorite member, nothing comes to mind….! I really, really like Taeyeon, she’s exceptional… But I also like Sooyoung and discuss her fun personality. And then Hyoyeon! People needs to know why all the members consider her as the funniest member in the group, and I do agree too. Of course I can’t bear not talking about the queen of aegyo — Sunny… Or discuss Seohyun’s very unique and admirable personality, even compared to us commoners, not just showbiz. Tiffany can’t be left behind and there’s so much to say about Yoona especially with her upcoming ‘Love Rain‘ drama… Jessica’s been a very interesting SNSD member to me lately and it’s always nice to explore stuff I could like more about Yuri

See what I mean? I can’t just make a one journal post for everything I want to say about them… I love all of them. Power of 9. Eww… I really can’t believe myself >_<

Gawd, and it wasn't even that long enough when I was having the hardest time differentiating these gurls from one another. And look at me now?!?!!!?!!?? Completely immersed as long as it's SNSD related!!!


Why am I using all of my energy with these kind of stuff??? Seriously?! Haha!

Oh well towel… I admit, I don't dislike allotting time for fandom, whatever type it is (animé, manga, drama, J-pop, K-pop, etc)… I just really get so in to it sometimes and I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time on this project once I get started for reals… Well, we'll see if this is just some empty words I'm saying right now… Haha!

Needa conceptualize all the things I wanna write about them as soon as I can, though. Haha!

Ahh, the things I do… No wonder I have no social life nowadays… Te-hee!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:
I don’t have the ability to see, hear or feel them but I am deathly afraid of ghosts, scary movies and scary stories… I don’t have the confidence to survive after a horror ordeal that’s why I just stay away from the likes of it. I don’t want to be a prisoner of my own demented imagination of monsters and evil spirits.. Just….. NO!

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