Family Aegyo

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2012 by lexie-chan

This is weird, even coming from me. But my Big, Bad, Fat younger brother really has a lot of aegyo with him… Like earlier, he suddenly bursted out of nowhere carrying his laptop and moaning like a baby asking me to write him a letter for his shooting project. He was even using this weird (but cute) baby voice to convince me. I told him “No” but really, as if I can reject him! HAHA!!!! I caved in after 2 seconds… 




But my brother, I always see this side of him. Especially during times when he’s manipulating my mom to give him money or if he wants to be fed somewhere fancy. LOL. I can’t really explain it but his tactics even works for me. It’s seriously upsetting!!!! HAHA!


Though I think that’s generally how the youngest acts around the house.


Then again, my sister is also full of aegyo. And she’s very thoughtful and caring, too. But for her, it’s the type of cuteness that deserves a punch in the face! She is seriously annoying!!!! And it’s so hard to make her stop! I especially hate it when she is a bit too touchy and affectionate. EWWWWW!!!!




Seriously, these people!!!!! Ugh!!!! I’m glad I’m not like them… It’s just so awkward.




– – – 


Fast Fact:

You know how sometimes you lay on your stomach when you’re on your bed? Well, I hate it when people touch my pillow with their feet during those kind of circumstances. It is absolutely disgusting! Only I can do that because it is only after I showered or washed my feet! You kinda get what I mean? But then again, I don’t really lay my feet on top of the cushion but to slip it underneath it for warmth. HAHA, I don’t know how to explain myself… Weird is weird.

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