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I’ve been debating whether or not I should be posting this entry, that it took me more than a month to finally settle my mind. The topic itself is not really ‘controversial’ but sensitive individuals will surely be affected by some of the contents accounted in this entry.

And then I thought, WHAT THE FUCK. If these antis have the luxury of bashing other people’s biases, why can’t I react to them the way I wanted to?

And anyway, I’m writing it on my OWN blog so my thoughts are mine alone. Fuck off. (lol kidding, any type of comments are okay but I’ll also have the luxury to answer your post accordingly.). Still, if you have any problems with the article, go read my Disclaimer. It’s not there for nothing :3

Moving on, read at your own risk. You’ve been warned. 

To start, it totally irks me whenever anti-SM fans attack the company by saying their artists are are just 70% looks and only 30% talent.

Most especially when they direct it to the girls of SNSD.

SNSD | Girls' Generation

Ugh.. These people are soooo ignorant!

I would start by saying that maybe not all of the SNSD members are the most amazing singers in the group. Let’s at least point that out. But to generally say that they are talentless is pure bull!

Maybe not as singers but the other members excel in different genre of entertainment. Like Hyoyeon and Sooyoung  with dancing and variety, Yoona with acting, modeling and endorsement, Yuri with dancing, MC’ng and projection. Or actually, all of them have their own personal charm lovable to everybody.

Is that what ‘all looks and no talent’ means to you? And as if up to 7 years (for some members) of training wouldn’t bring any improvements to these people… SMH.

If it weren’t for their skills, they wouldn’t be selected as endorsers or ambassadors of so many companies in and out of Korea. They wouldn’t have so many recognitions if they don’t have exceptional talents. Nobody would be inviting them as guests if they didn’t like them or have confidence that they will do well.

If you didn’t know, as individuals, they were also casted in different types of entertainment such as being MCs, variety show participants, drama actresses, endorsers, stage musical artists, seiyuu, DJs and a whole lot more.

And lets not forget the fact that if it weren’t for BoA, under SM Entertainment, none of these other artists from different agencies would have the luxury of debuting in Japan so easily. Is that what you call SME artists not having any talents??? BoA, under SME, practically crossed boundaries and opened the way for all of K-pop!!!


And what about DBSK who literally owned the hearts of every fangurls in and around the globe? Garneing fans who followed them through their ups and downs?  Who raged for the members wellbeing? Would people generally give their devotion to a certain ‘boy group‘ if they are not worth their admiration? Well, is that what you call SME artists that are talentless?


I could go on and on to support this argument but that would be wasting my time.  And I haven’t even mentioned H.O.T, Shinhwa, f(x), Shinee, Super Junior or EXO.

Super Junior


Yes. Shinee.

Anyway, my point is, it’s okay not to like a certain group, agency or whatnot but to go as far as taint their image in every possible way is just pathetic. These ignorant people doesn’t even know how respectable SME is for finding all these awesome talents. They have their issues, I know, but it’s not like any other agencies doesn’t, so suck it up haters.


Also the fact that antis say all SME artists are plastic? Ugh! It’s really so annoying hearing those kind of remarks!!! It’s not even a constructive criticism anymore, they just really want to attack these poor artists!!! (And I’m speaking not only on behalf of SME but to all those people accused and under this criticism.)

Although I do not believe any of them underwent major surgery (I consider double eyelid surgery and braces/lamination normal procedures. And yes, Jessica fixed her teeth. She admitted to it apparently but never saw the clip/article myself.), or even if they actually did, I wouldn’t take it against them. Afterall, it is for these fans that they wanted to look extra beautiful in front of them. Yet, these same people have the nerve to use it to defame the artists’ character?!!?!??? Ugh!!! It’s so irritating!!!!

I don’t know these artists. I’m just an avid fan they haven’t even met (well, met directly that is) but I can’t help but empathize with them whenever they are blindly criticized by the whole world :c

To be honest, I’ve never been such a huge fan of any idols apart those selected artists/group under SME, but I’ve never ONCE bashed any of the those idols. In fact, I try as much as possible to enjoy their music and individualities.

Seriously… Artists are people, too. Their lives may be under the limelight 24/7 but as human beings, I hope we have the consciousness to act like one when dealing/watching the people that entertain our boring lives… Respect.


– – –

Fast Fact:

I hate being told what to do, even if they are right and I am wrong. I feel like it’s depriving me of learning life’s lesson and only encourage me to be dependent on other people. Seriously! Mou…

2 Responses to “SM Entertainment Antis”

  1. Thankyou, I think fans from other agencies thinks their artists is the most amazing, and they see sm artists as talentless. For god sake, if it weren’t for sm, dare I say that kpop would never have existed? Dare I say that current kpop artists would have I he’ll of a hard time making millions in Japan if kit weren’t for Boa and Tvxq, and the thing that ticks me the most is that all the hard work they have been through, and they get such harsh comments saying they are talentless

    • I couldn’t agree more, Maria. The insults was really out of proportion. It’s okay to have personal bias but to bash the other artists is unacceptable. Respect for everyone. HAHA! Thanks for dropping by and sharing this view with me :3

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