SNSD Project: Lee Soonkyu (aka Sunny)

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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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– – –

Lee Soonkyu (aka Sunny)

All thanks to Sunny, I was properly introduced to the awesome National idol group of Korea – Girls’ Generation. I think it was a good thing that it was through Sunny that I became a SONE. If I started learning about this group through, say, Jessica, I wouldn’t be interested at all. I noticed, I was never really a fan of groups with such squeaky, high pitch voice (I like Hyomin and Sunhwa and Goo Hara but I can’t appreciate majority of their songs… I rather listen to Wonder Girls, 2NE1 or Brown Eyed Girls with wide vocal range, style and charisma).

But what exactly was the video that lead me to love this group?

Thanks to this, it started my SNSD awareness. And yes, up to a certain point, aegyo could be really hateful deserving of a punch or two but for some weird reason, I really, really, REALLY get entertained watching Sunny’s aegyo! HAHA!!!! I dare say it lead me to like Sunny’s persona. But to say that it is the only thing that sets her apart from everybody else, my friend, I think it is time for you to read through this entry from beginning to end…


Why (How) do we (I) love Sunny (thee)? Let me count the ways…

(in reference to Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Don't hate ;p)

1. Sunny is a talented singer. She is one of the five main vocalist of SNSD and amongst everyone else, to me, she is the most surprising. Unlike Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun, Sunny has the ability to use her vocal range to the fullest. She can hit both low and high keys almost flawlessly. She is very versatile! Unless you watch a lot of her, you wouldn’t be able to discover this side of her. In fact, I’ve even seen posts/videos attacking her singing skills. How ignorant!!! Hmpf!




I wouldn’t realize her singing potential if I didn’t find their live performance of “Mistake“. Her solo part was amazing!!! It was after watching this clip that I started paying attention to her singing.



It’s sad that more often than not, she is not given enough chance to showcase her talent. So underrated… *sigh* More Sunny than Jessica please!


2. Sunny’s farm girl tendencies. Unlike most of the Korean celebrities, Sunny possesses this very laid back personality. She’s not very particular on how she needs to present herself. It seems like she opts for comfort rather than uncomfortable chic image. And it’s something I really like about her. And she’s not the type to actively join the “airport fashion look” bandwagon like everyone else, enough to make the headlines. I remember watching a clip where even Teayeon mentions this. But that only makes her seem very approachable. We cannot doubt that she is a major super star but at least she doesn’t have the air of an arrogant spoiled brat. And take note, her family is pretty well off  to begin with. She’s also the youngest and you know how the youngest are always so bratty. HAHA! But you know what, even if she’s not a celebrity her family is still very prominent. Yet, you can never ever feel any haughtiness around her.



3. Sunny is brave. Continuing from the previous insight, aside from having the farm girl tendencies, she is surprisingly very brave and strong. She doesn’t seem the type to be dependent of others. If she can do it, she will. Never being a burden to anybody. In a way, it’s  like a contrasting trait she has when she is known for being an aegyo queen.



4. Sunny is smart. Whenever there is a problem arising, she is quick to decide to solve the situation.’s-sunny-shows-limitless-potential-as-a-ceo/

And not only that, during their “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys” broadcast, she has proven to be such a great mentor. She was very helpful and realistic even at the start of the show. And her encouraging words for Sunghwan has proven her sincerity as a mentor, willing to help these lost boys any way she can… Here’s an excerpt of one of her most touching advice for Sunghwan:

“..But there will be destructions on your path, just like mine. But in my case, I have a lot of thoughts towards my debut.. Because we are a large newcomer from a large scale company, we received a lot of attention. While doing that… Can I just say it out? I am company’s representative’s niece.. I am bringing a lot of weaknesses. I joined the group late, the representative’s niece, and I need to be familiar with all the contracts.. Short height, fat and with a normal life… I felt like shrinking after thinking about that. When I am doing activities as a group, Kim Jaedong oppa said a good thing to me. ‘There will be people who’ll see me well and there will be poeple who’ll see me bad. People can like me for something but people can also hate me for something. I will keep on thinking that I would not change for the people who do not like me.’


5. Sunny is definitely a one of a kind gag-dol (Gag Idol). I mean, she’s naturally funny but man… After watching Invincible Youth, her tandem with Shin Young is just beyond epic! Now that Shin Young will be joining the G8 members at the second season of Invincible Youth, we can witness more fun times at the upcoming episodes! Woot! because of Shin Young, she’s not afraid to show her dorkier side even if it means making herself look ugly and a disgrace to her fellow Soshis. I’m not surprised she’s dubbed as a Variety Queen amongst the Soshis, either… Sooyoung and Hyoyeon are amazing at variety shows, too. HAHA!




6. Sunny is such a good natured person. She was selected as best mom twice on “Hello Baby” and during Invincible Youth, the G7 expressed their gratitude for having Sunny as one of their Unnies. The bond that she shared with everyone was no joke. Everybody loved her. And it surpassed even the actual broadcast. Not only on the set but she actually made friends with the rest of the G7 outside the show, giving them helpful advices and supports them unconditionally. Her absence from the show created a void nobody could ever replace. Not just the G7, but us viewers felt the emptiness, too… *sniff* And the special friendship she had with Hyomin was so precious… She really made an effort to reach out. Ah… Love Love Love the SunByung couple!




7. Sunny’s aegyo. And finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning the most important aspect about Sunny… I know everyone might hate her for her aegyo but for the rest of us and the Sunshiners, we treasure these moments! HAHA!!! I don’t know why! Like seriously, for a person like me who doesn’t have even a little bit of cuteness would like something like this! It’s so shocking!!! But watching her aegyo-that-deserves-a-punch clips, makes me so, soooo happy! It’s like a perfect medicine for all the depressing moments in my life (add to that Taeyeon’s dorky videos). In my opinion, Sunny and Sooyoung has the best aegyo since the very beginning so just choose between the two of them, whoever deserves a punch in the face. HAHA!!!



To me, Sunny is a very important part of the Soshi bond, just like the rest of the 8 members. Some may not like her or dub her as ugly. But for people who loves her beyond her looks they’ll know how precious she is. In all honesty, I find her antics cute but she’s not the prettiest. I kept on thinking what it is that seemed off about her and then after watching “Intimate Note” I found out that it’s actually her awkward smile that gives off that feel. HAHA!!! And her eyes, too for some reason. But the amazing thing about her is that she knows how to acknowledge her flaws and just strive harder to improve herself. That mentality is truly admirable.

Sunny~ya, just continue being yourself! We are all here to give our support! HAHA! Well, thanks for reading the third installment of this SNSD project! This will be the end of this Sunny project. See y’all again!

– – –

Fast Fact: 

It took me  almost 6 agonizing hours just to finish this post! I wish I was kidding but I’m not. It didn’t take me long because it’s a difficult topic… More like, there’s so many things I wanted to say but I fear that I’ll overdo it… Well… More so than it is already.. HAHA! Oh well, towel.


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