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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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Hwang Tiffany

The fourth born. The bearer of the most beautiful eye smile, our Brighter than Jewels Fany Fany Tiffany!

Like Taeyeon, Tiffany was casted as an SME trainee after winning first prize during SME’s Starlight Casting System and joined the company on October 2004 in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in the US but decided to move to Korea to be a singer. (fun fact: she was born in the same hospital as Jessica).

All alone, barely knowing the Korean language and knowing anybody, she started the new chapter of her life.

It was a rigorous three years (and seven months) of training before she finally made her debut as a member of Korea’s top National girl group – Girls’ Generation. She met a lot of challenges but giving up never crossed her mind because through the help of her 8 sisters, she was given strength to move on.

Tiffany, with her minimum knowledge with the Korean language, has always struggled. Learning lyrics was already such a tough job for her. Before, she even speaks Korean in an American accent (AN: Kyah! So cuteeee!!!). Often times, she gets teased (note: bullied) by the other members because of it that’s why she always asks help from Seohyun, the only person she can trust (that’s such an understatement, but yeah). It was quite a feat but not enough to make her give up.

It’s one of her most endearing traits actually.. She strives to learn and push herself to the limit. When she became an MC together with Yuri, she really studied her script and took notes of the things she doesn’t know. She takes everything seriously. Seohyun even remarked that she has a strong sense of responsibility.


Along with Sooyoung, she is also quite outspoken. She participates well in interviews and shows a lot of her bright self. She doesn’t do half hearted interviews. Tiffany makes sure that she answers with sense. She has this outstanding skill of interacting well with the media and she’s just naturally bubbly if she’s being herself.

But unlike most of the gurls, she seemed to have matured earlier than the others. She’s always been prim and proper. She takes good care of her image and the other members, earning herself the title “Manager Hwang“. Iuno… But she doesn’t do silly things such as funny imitations, aegyo or immature antics. It’s so disappointing because it’s still nice to see her a little more childishlike Hyoyeon or Yoona during broadcasts. I really miss it :c But maybe that’s also due to her lack of variety skills. Even the other members say that and she’s always been envious of their skills. HAHA! It’s okay Tipani!

To be honest, I don’t recall watching a lot of funny segments about Tiffany. I think I watched more funny Jessica clips than hers when she actually became my bias at one point. ;p


But I guess shallow reason isn’t enough to make me that attached to her. When I first took interest of her, it was through a fan gathering SNSD had in New York. Of course as one of the main English speaking member in the group, she literally took over the whole event. She was witty and nice, always smiling. I liked it about her.

And then, I find her really pretty. I dare say she’s even prettier than YoonA and perhaps the most beautiful in SNSD. Why? Because of her eye smile, no doubt. If there’s one thing that could tie me to Tiffany as a fan, it will definitely because of Tiffany Eye Smile! I’m so gay for her.

I honestly don’t know how the person recording this clip, able to survive the eye contact! If it were me, I would’ve dashed over to her side and kidnapped her! LOL! Sorry, you just witnessed one of my gay moments in action ;p

But truthfully, that’s what I’ve always thought. YoonA is pretty but there’s nothing really outstanding. She looks just like any other Koreans out there. But Tiffany? Nobody can really turn away from her smiling face especially when she tilts her head with that cute look on her face. Only thing is, YoonA’s taller and thinner. Amongst the members, Tiffany has the most different body proportion. She has the wider upper body yet, Tiffany was acknowledge as the member having the most beautiful legs repeatedly. Haha! Maybe that’s why she’s not the face of SNSD?

But apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks that she should be:

Oh there’s also one thing that sets her apart. The only time I actually pay attention to her closely is during their performances. Tiffany isn’t the best dancer in the group.

No, scratch that. What I’m trying to say is, Tiffany can’t dance. Haha! Peace out! Of course I’m kidding.. But I can’t help but notice and then watching that clip with Hyoyeon was nothing but a strong affirmation of my close observations. HAHA! But she practices hard! In all fairness, SNSD is known to have the greatest choreography. They are no joke. Just the fact that Tiffany can keep up is already note worthy. Before, I only respected and acknowledged BoA’s dancing prowess but when I saw SNSD’s ‘Into The New World’ video, I began noticing their outstanding dancing skills more and more.

But going back, it seems like Tiffany lacks the gracefulness the other members possesses. Don’t get me wrong, Tiffany can follow the steps accordingly but sometimes, her movements are stiff. I think it’s her shoulders? Or… I don’t know… There’s just something that sets her apart from the rest in this category… But when it comes to singing? That’s when she shines even brighter.

Like majority of SONEs, we really like her husky voice. Haha! It’s her trademark and she knows well how to make a full use of it. In fact, quite recently, she was even casted to a musical play.

I haven’t watched enough Tiffany biased clips compared to the other members but I know for a fact that she’s very sociable, humble and a devoted Christian. I think that’s where her caring nature stems from. She may be the jealous type of friend but really, she’s just protective of her sisters and thankful that she has all of them by her side. Losing her mom at a very young age… Living so far away from her family… Nothing makes her appreciate “family bonds” more than what she shares with her sisters…

Makes me tear up every time. And even Hyoyeon who doesn’t cry was really emotional here… *sniff* Tiffany is such a strong woman to be able to endure all those. Seriously, if I were to trade places with her, I wouldn’t be able to endure the loneliness :c

On a lighter note, I just remembered… I liked Tiffany during their ‘Hello Baby’ segment :3 Like me, Tiffany isn’t good with babies. She’s so awkward around babies and although you can feel she really cares for them, she didn’t know exactly how to express it. It’s so funny when she gets upset over it. Haha!

And she hates bugs. She likes pink a little too much. She likes fashion and she seems to be updated with the trends in the US. She’s the typical gurly gurl gurl. More so than Jessica sometimes but it’s only because Jessica’s lazy most of the time to bother with stuff. Haha!

What else is there that I want to talk about Tiffany? Hmm… Oh, her tandem with Taeyeon or most popularly referred to as TaeNy.

I kinda support this but not because I ship them together. It just happened that at the beginning of my SNSD craze, those two were my bias. Haha! Lame is lame. But really, I never understood this pairing. I don’t see it as much as when I watch SooSica or YoonYul or SooRi or HyoYoung or SooYeon or HyoSica or the Danshin Duo. (Seobaby is neutral and for some reason, Sooyoung is just everywhere. Her personality is so ‘out there’ that she mixes well with everybody. Jessica, too for some weird reason but I like her best with Sooyoung. OMG… I can’t believe I’m even following these ships!!! Blame it on youtube and fandom, seriously!!!)

Oh gosh… I really thought I’ll be able to finish this entry quicker than the previous ones but Tiffany is so pretty I just wanna share all the pretty pictures for everyone to see!!! HAHA!!!! But that besides the point, Tiffany is another important member of SNSD. I really don’t think I’ll like SNSD without her. All nine of them really complimented each other it’s amazing how they were all drawn together. *sigh*

And to end this Tiffany entry I would like to quote a certain Tumblr post:

This is very true in it’s purest sense. Before I started this SNSD Project, I was in constant conflict with myself because although Taeyeon is my ultimate bias, I love the other girls equally, too. After Taeyeon, it’s already so impossible to rank them according for my love of them.. But I was thankful that I got to make a post for every members in the end. It makes me know more about them and sharing my opinions are always so fun. Since I really don’t have anyone to fangurl with, This is the only thing I can do to release all my fandom outbursts. HAHA!!!

Well, that is that! Thanks for reading through the whole thing! This concludes Tiffany’s SNSD Project :3


I was seriously half spazzing while writing this entry… Tiffany, Y U so hawt! It’s almost a sin!!! I think you’re gaining my bias loveeee yet again!!!!

And another Tiffany True Fact for every SONEs, Female SONEs most especially that I read on Tumblr:


I wasn’t at home so I wasn’t able to upload this update sooner but Tiffany’s OST song for “Love Rain” was just revealed during the broadcast of Love Rain’s fourth episode  as Kim Yoonhee’s theme!!!! Oh my gawd! Like her husband fellow Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon, this song is just as awesome and emotional and beautiful and breath taking and oh my gawd…. Tiffany doesn’t disappoint!!!! I love it!!! Watch the preview of the song below as well as clips from our very own YoonA. Wee~

Notable  comment by a TaeNy shipper when this song was released:

‘So why is Taeyeon ‘Missing You Like Crazy’?? ‘Because It’s You’… Tiffany.

Thanks IMakeMyPoint for making me laugh and the rest of the TaeNy shippers! HAHA!

– – –

Fast Fact:

At the beginning of writing this entry, I was already thinking of writing Hyoyeon’s entry!!! I really want to write it now!!!!! I have so many Hyoyeon videos I want to share!!!! Hyoyeon is forever full of win!!!! I love Hyoyeon! LOL… I just have to let it out… HAHA!!!!

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