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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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Kim Hyoyeon

Also known as Kim Choding! Hyoyeon may be the most underrated member of SNSD but to be honest, there’s so much about her than meets the eyes…

I’m NOT proud to say that I was once a non-Hyoyeon fan at the beginning of my SNSD addiction (I’m not a hater though, I just have my own bias). I thought she doesn’t have a lot to offer and her image is too strong compared to the others. It doesn’t help that she doesn’t have a lot of exposure during broadcasts, for me to get to know her more either. The time I can properly watch her was so limited until I was able to find an opportunity to watch the whole ‘Hello Baby‘ series. And OMG!!! No wonder ALL the SNSD members hail her as the funniest person in their group (You can go and check their “Paradise in Phuket: All About Girls’ Generation” disc 3)! She is seriously daebak!!! Before I know it, I started taking interest of her antics each broadcast and she never disappoints. EVER!!!

With that being said, lemme tell you FIVE REASONS why she is definitely a true member of the BEST female idol group in Korea (and slowly, of the whole wide world).


1. Hyoyeon is an outstanding dancer. Let’s first take the most obvious reason why Hyoyeon shouldn’t be so underrated amongst her 8 sisters.



In the group, she has the title of being the dancing queen. When she was young and had just started her training, people already saw the potential in her skills. She underwent an intense training and became a PRO.



Although her specialty is popping and locking, Hyoyeon can actually dance any genre of songs. She is able to adapt to any style and do it so flawlessly, too! It’s quite convincing that of all people, she was chosen as BoA’sdouble‘ during one of her older performance in Korea (the shadow during BoA’s Over The Top performance last 2005). And I do acknowledge her talents to be at par with BoA. I don’t just give that credibility to just anyone, mind you.



However, even if she’s dubbed as SNSD’s dancing queen, it doesn’t mean that her skills are limited to that. Although not a lot, Hyoyeon is actually a great singer, too. Amongst her fellow sub-vocalist, I think she is the best when it comes to singing live. Her voice in the studio is almost the same when she sings live!!! It’s almost scary… Unfortunately, because her vocal color is heavier than the other members, SNDS’ songs doesn’t seem to fit her voice quality :c Unless SM decides to add rapping in their songs, then we’ll hear more Hyoyeon! I think her voice tone is perfect for rapping! It was greatly exemplified when they released ‘The Boys‘. Like what he stated herself, ‘The Boys’ is her song! And I’m glad she’s getting more and more fanbase. During their live performance at ‘Good Morning Kelly‘, people kept on cheering for her!!! I can’t help but be so proud of her… Her character is admirable. She never loses her focus and makes every hurdle her driving force to strive harder. She is amazing :3



ˆHyoyeon solo parts in “The Boys” and an introduction to her funny antics :3



^Hyoyeon agrees that “The Boys” concept really suits her intense style. I agree!!!! And it’s true, too that you’ve been so much prettier than before!


ˆFans cheering for Hyoyeon so enthusiastically at 1:40 and 2:02. She got more chants than Taeyeon or Jessica! No, actually she was the only member the crowd was cheering for it seems.


2. Hyoyeon is witty and very funny. Ahh… Where do I even begin to explain this??? Hmm.. After seeing more and more of her, I have come into a conclusion that Hyoyeon is best if she acts as herself. If she doesn’t have to follow any script or the director’s guide, her image just shines. And it’s no exaggeration. Maybe she isn’t fit to be the lead act but as a secondary  character, she does give flavor to everything.



Her hilarious remarks makes everything even funnier. Add to that her choding actions, it spells EPIC!


^Hyoyeon! Whatever she say or do, it’s always so funny! And her one liners are the bomb!!!


ˆHyoyeon’s style in bowling… Sunny and YoonA were so funny, too!


^Hyoyeon’s English rap. Cutie Pie!


During Hello Baby, SNSD and the Dangerous Boys and Invincible, it seems that I’ve been monitoring her more closely than before. She cheats, she bullies, she acts silly and OMG, it’s so hard to take your eyes off of her! Everything she does is entertaining and her aegyo is overflowing!!! The thing is, you can’t just ask her to show it. It becomes unnatural that way. Most of the time, it just shows by itself and unlike Sunny’s, Hyoyeon’s cuteness is something you can enjoy thoroughly. The members often say it too, but you need to watch her more to see her charms. TOTALLY AGREE!!!


ˆHyoyeon FAIL English (but uber funny) mostly from Hello Baby


^Hyoyeon’s EPIC one liners on SNSD and the Dangerous Boys. There’s a loooooottttt!!!!


ˆFunny clip from Invincible Youth… “Mother Father“!!!


ˆHyo’s swimming skills is jjang!


ˆHyoyeon fails in driving, too. Oh gawd, this gurl!!! Seriously!!!


One of the videos I always watch of her was the one where she mispronounces words almost EVERYTIME! She seemed always confuse and have tongue ties. It’s so entertaining! I’ve never seen a person with such abnormal tounge ties except her. Haha! Ah Hyoyeon, you brighten our day!



^I’m not quite sure if this is an official SOSHI scenario but it is a typical Hyoyeon confused moments… HAHA!

This one, too:

Oh Hyoyeon….


3. Hyoyeon is very caring. She is Seohyun’s current roommate and Seobaby does say she has a motherly scent around her. And she has this personal obligation to protect her sisters.

It’s true that she’s one of the pranksters but really she does everything for everyone to live harmoniously. She’ll be a great housewife. She knows how to take care of the house and she is very organized. She loves kids and knows just how to take care of babies. During their show ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys‘, she did a good job making her mentee feel comfortable. She seems to be always joking but if you watch closely, she knows exactly her mentee’s personality. From there, she was able to direct him. It was unfortunate that Yonghyun had to leave the show. Hyoyeon was really saddened by that and I felt so sorry for her… *sigh*

Still, she is one of the pranksters in the group, like I said before, together with Sooyoung and Yuri! HAHA!



And she’s quite violent, too! Such a cutie gangster!




But really, she’s a sweet friend…



It seems like Hyoyeon’s the type to have emotional outbursts but in reality, she’s really just concerned about everybody. She needed to have a strong front that’s why she looks tough. The few times she shows her hurt or emotional self, it’s always so touching. Like during Factory Girl’s last episode (about the confession part) and the show with Seohyun’s mom.. When Tiffany was relaying her messge to her deceased mom, how Hyoyeon bursted into crying, it was so heartfelt and sincere… *sigh* her heart is like an ocean and truthfully, I want to be friends with someone like her…


4. Hyoyeon is a hopeless romantic. I don’t know how many times she already announced to the world that she wanted to get married and have a lot of kids, to be honest. From Hello Baby, to Intimate Note to SNSD and the Dangerous Boys to Invincible Youth.. And those are not the only shows where she blurted it out. She wanted to be a young mother who is close with her kids. She wants to live with her kids for a long long time.

But because she can’t exactly date being in an idol group, she seemed to be pretty perplexed by it to the point that she’s actually jealous of Seohyun’s virtual husband.



Among the other SNSD, Hyoyeon must be the most vocal and open about her desire to date or perhaps the only person in SNSD who actually opened up about her love interest. It’s a shame that she really can’t do anything about it… But it’s always fun to watch her agonizing over it. Haha! So cuteeeeeee!

But from the bottom of my heart, I do wish she meets a great guy who would really cherish her. She’s outstanding and she deserves someone as outstanding as she is. But in the end, us SONES love you!!!

Yet for some weird reason, I kinda ship her with Boom *A*. Iuno… They seem to really click! And I think Boom is also a sweet guy…



But I like them better as buddies. They are so funny together!!!



5. Hyoyeon is beautiful. If y’all don’t agree, then sucks for you. I won’t force you to think she’s beautiful but I hope you won’t have a fixed image of her.

Truthfully, it’s the stylist that fucked her up. If you’ve seen ‘Girls Go To School‘ featuring SNSD before their debut, you would notice Hyoyeon’s presence right away.

She has this western flare that’s hard to miss. Even her fashion sense from before stands out, not because her wardrobe was horrible but because she’s up to date and actually suits that american-hip-hop style the other gurls were lacking. Seriously, she was very pretty and blonde! Not a lot of people can pull it off. I don’t want to admit it but even that style doesn’t suit BoA but yeah…

And then after ‘Into The New World‘, the stylist had a makeover spree picking Hyoyeon as their pawn! I’m not even lying, I think they sacrificed Hyoyeon to make the other members shine. They gave her the ugliest outfit, ugliest hairstyle and sometimes the most unflattering makeup… It’s like they purposely made her an underdog so the fans can focus on the other members. I mean, nowadays, she doesn’t even have as much dance break as before for a dancing queen!!! But she stayed positive and trusted the stylists.



Again I am not proud to admit that I fell to that scheme at the beginning of my SNSD addiction :c

That is why when ‘The Boys‘ came out, I was so, soooo happy that finally…. Finally they gave Hyoyeon a chance to shine!!! Again, she’s blonde with an awesome wardrobe. They also changed her brows to a softer hue making her look more feminine. I’m also glad that she’s getting more camera time and fanbase.

I think it all started during their SME concert in Paris. I remembered reading an article on AKP about the female idol Paris loved the most. I was surprised that it was Hyoyeon!!! And when I watched clips/interviews/variety/live perfs/CFs/MVs of the girls, there are always top comments that specifically mentions just how pretty Hyoyeon is! And her smileeeee!!! She has nice teeth! I’m not even kidding. Haha! Sorry, I needa let that out coz I have teeth fetish. Lol!

Anyway, yeah. Basically, to have a fixed notion about her beauty is pitiable. Despite that, Hyoyeon’s always positive so as her fan, we’ll continue to support her.

Seriously, I don’t know how much I need to convince people to give her a second look.. I feel bad for them not being able to see the other side of her. She is like a person everybody wants to be friends with. A fun buddy. A source of energy. A true friend…

Aww… After watching so many clips about her, I feel like we’re also friends. Haha! In my dream!
Oh well, I hope even by just a little, I was able to open up your mind and see Hyoyeon differently. She deserves some lovin’, too and she’s definitely a true member of SNSD! She is not an outcast so please, haters, talk to the hand.  Hatin’ on her won’t make you pretty :p

This is a fanmade video perfect to all Hyoyeon haters. I know Hyoyeon can’t possibly say something as careless as this for being a celebrity but if she has the freedom to do so, it’s quite a slap on the face. I’m just glad that her supporters are really caring about her, even hurts for her. But no matter what, SNSD is nothing without her, all 9 of them…



And that concludes this Hyoyeon article. By far, this is the most enjoyable article I’ve ever written. There was just so many things to share! Seriously, watching this charming gurl is probably the most entertaining thing ever! I love her to death and she’s almost my ultimate bias! But I love all the gurls… HAHA! Wishing for more Hyoyeon exposure!!!! She deserves so much more!!! Thanks for reading!


I was away from civilization for a few days so I wasn’t able to post it just in time but on April 7,2012, Hyoyeon was trending on Twitter! Together with Yonghwa and Seohyun, the three of them MC’ed Music Core while Taeny was away. I saw the cuts and OMG! Hyoyeon did a great job!!! She was a natural and soooo funny!!! I think after this, she might be able to get MC jobs in the ner future. I totally support her on this one!!!! Wee~

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