Unexpected Follower

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Excuse me while I try to get myself back together.. Still in utter shock after becoming aware of this piece of information… *A*


Apparently, THIS guy is following me on Instagram?!?!!?!?!!!!?? I wasn’t expecting that nor would have I imagined he would, in a thousand years!

I haven’t had any proper communication with him for almost a decade now! And although there is absolutely NO emotional attachment between the two of us (especially on my end), stuff like this still surprises me… I won’t deny, he’s still someone I can never forget despite the fact that I don’t cling to him anymore. I guess in a way, this is what you call a nostalgic feeling..


This is funny :3

– – –

Fast Fact:

I love going to karaoke bars. I like singing even if I don’t have the same voice quality as I did before. When I was in HS, I was a better singer who even gets solo parts during our chorale concerts. Haha! I miss singing..

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