I Got Scammed!

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Okay, I’m still quite upset by my own stupidity and this site’s false advertisement.

So earlier today, I got an e-mail from American Express informing me about checking my credit score and stuff. As I was reading the article, I wasn’t quite convinced that the service will be free of charge. So still clinging to my curiosity about knowing my curent credit score, I went on google and searched for some free services and landed myself on

I already have my inclination that it might be some kind of a bogus website, ready to rob people off of heir own stupidity but for some dumb reason, I still clicked on it and even dumber to have put all my credit information on the information sheet.


I can’t believe I’ll ever fall prey to this very obvious scam before I realize what was going on!!!

But thing is, I never really considered signing up. What I usually do, at the end of the whole process, I seize to continue with my registration and leave the site. That’s how the usual “internet services” works anyway. They always ask for your billing address AT THE END of the registration so you can decide whether you want to pursue it or not but they are smart to have already asked your credit card and stuff at the beginning without fully addressing it as the “billing process” and mask it as necessary information needed to calculate your credit score!!! You don’t have a choice once you start!

I was so shocked when I just clicked this “No, thank you” tab, they were already thanking me for signing up with them?!

WTF just happened?!?!??!?!???!?!!!! They were like informing me that I have free 7-days trial of all their services and I only have JUST 7 days to cancel my account, to prevent any monthly charges! And what’s funny was that throughout the whole process, not a mention of a single penny was ever stated so people can decide if they want to avail their services or not. That’s part of the reason why I wasn’t alarmed that they might just automatically sign me up when clearly, that wasn’t my goal.

The fuck! And then when you go on your account, that’s when they tell you, that you get billed 20 bucks every month after the trial period! Seriously!!! Such false advertisement!!!! Leaving necessary infos until the whole thing was over.

I am flabbergasted by this!!!

Since it is US based, I still don’t have the means to cancel this ridiculous account as of yet. I think my mom will buy me a phone card I can use to call outside the country or for when we visit QC so I can borrow their magic jack. I also plan to call my credit institution to block all charges that will come from this institution.

Even if I have a job, I won’t ever consider signing up for this, even more that I’m in the Philippines and jobless! I can’t afford any form of unnecessary expenses at this point. I won’t spare a single penny! GRRRR!!!!

But since I was already mugged, I went ahead and tried their services and got these credit score:

I don’t know how reliable this thing is coz I’ve been hearing it’s not very accurate….


What a waste of energy. I got so worked up getting angry with this fuckery! Ugh!!! And I was pretty relaxed the whole day, too, watching Family Outing to be bothered by this! What a drastic change of mood! Ugh! Just you wait, I’m all geared up to start complaining and make their lives a living hell!!! I already feel sorry for your company representatives..


Anyway, linking a very useful review website of so I can help spread the word and lessen the people scammed by this fuckery. I hope no one will fall prey to this institution ever again!

– – –

Fast Fact:

I am a very irritable and moody person. I dislike it when an opinion deviates from my own when it comes to fandom. I have a loner tendencies and dislike crowds and social gathering especially when I’m not comfortable with the people around me. I even have the same feelings when I’m with family I don’t usually talk to. I only enjoy with the people I like and completely let go of myself. HAHA! Hate it too when people bother me when I’m ding my business like drawing or marathons. I’m so picky and sensitive, it’s annoying!


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