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The fuck is this??!!?!!!!?

Okay, I know I am NOT affected after learning that MY Sidney is already in a relationship with a gurl that happened to be not myself but for some reason, the whole day had been very irritating for me.

Every single thing seemed to really not go my way since the moment I opened my eyes. And then Renz just have to test my patience and post an irritating message on my FB wall about BoA being a bitch in real life and oh my gawd… I swear to gawd I almost went crazy and iuno, I just deactivated my account right there and then. I couldn’t take all the bad vibes! It’s exceptionally unbearable today. And I fucking hate facebook for this unnecessary stress. The only time I do check my FB would be in this kind of occasion?!!?!???!? The hell, right?!


I really don’t care if Sidney’s with another gurl now… I want him to be happy and of course I can’t ask him to wait for me. It’s not even plausible considering the fact that I won’t even settle in LA when I go back. It just wouldn’t work out.. But I still feel so irritated it’s driving me crazy!!! (note: irritated, not affected)


This is so annoying! I want to start hitting people!!! I wonder how I can amuse myself tomorrow when I wake up.. The only thing I could think about is to pig out and forget all these. Ugh… Gonna hurt my diet.


Curse you facebook and all your bad news!!!! But what else can I do but to just:


– – –

Fast Fact:
I hate getting interrupted when I’m taking a bath.

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