It’s a SONE thing…

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So, I was browsing Tumblr as always when I came across this:





As it is, it’s already funny. Seohyun’s innocent self in distress and Tiffany’s tough love, who so casually left the room to let Seohyun wallow in her own problem by herself… I already want to watch the show if only a subbed version’s already up.

But that’s not the reason I’m bawling like a fucking retard right now, it’s because I read a particular comment while I was browsing all the notes it got and OMFG… seriously dying of laughter now.

Apparently, this is what sextaeng (from Tumblr) would have to say: Why is this SEOFANY ?


Seriously!!! What is up with all these SONE jokes I love so soooo much!!! If it were a normal person, I don’t think this will even make the slightest impact but gawd, this is just too much for me to handle… HAHA!!!! I think being in this fandom has lowered my sanity that simple stuff like this affects me to great extent…


And so , to you sir (or ma’am):


If you know the person who I can credit for the gif set and the macro, please lemme know so I can address them properly! Thanks so much!



I found the specific clip used for the gif set:



OMFG!!! This is so much better than the gif set, I tell ya!!!! Seohyun’s alarmed and helpless face when she broke the sculptured fish was EPIC!!! It was so precious!!!! HAHA!!! If I were Tiffany, I would tease her for that as well and leave her alone in the room. HAHA!!! But it seems there’s a reason why Tiffany was happily teasing Seohyun. Apparently, Tiffany is afraid of fish. When they entered the room, Seohyun immediately spotted the fish sculpture and wanted to tease Tiffany with it. Who would have thought that karma is such a bitch and Seohyun would just have to drop it and break it before she fulfills her evil plans?! HAHA!!! It’s so sooooo funny!!! I feel for you maknae but that was so entertaining I can’t help but be amused instead… HAHA!!!! Good one! Good laugh!

– – –

Fast Fact:

My sister likes to annoy me. I like to annoy my brother. My brother likes to annoy THE WHOLE FAMILY.

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