TARANTALLEGRA + Never Let Go + Hello Venus + Russian Roulette

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Thanks to Twitter, I came across a few music videos that caught my attention, enough to actually make me write a post about them.



Tarantallegra is Junsu’s first solo album and title track. The album consists of 12 tracks that’s a good mix of R&B, ballad, dance and more. I was surprised about the amount of involvement he had in the making of this album! Truly talented Junsu, never disappointing the fans. I haven’t personally heard the whole album but there’s already a lot of positive reviews about it. I can only expect the best.

Moving on to Tarantallegra, I would want to say that I don’t have the slightest idea what that word even means so I never had any preconceived notion about how this song would be. I can only tie my expectations towards the eerie album cover that was released a few days before the launch of his actual album. As I thought, it’s something dark and intense and something I never would have imagined. I almost forgot how much of a great dancer Junsu was until I saw the beginning of the music video! And his vocal power never ceases to amaze us. I love the choreography, setting and even the dark theme of the video. I admit I didn’t expect it to be so visually sexy, I mean, with the girls all over him, the touching and Junsu’s apparent ‘existing‘ abs and everybody’s display of abs. I don’t know… Just…WOW.

Although the said music video received so much love, and I love it, Junsu’s eye make up just needa go… And his nail polish… And gurly wardrobe… Like seriously, I love Junsu to death but after watching the video he just gives off the “gay vibe“… It’s creepy and hawt at the same time. Ugh! I know he meant to be sexy and all but he’s not tall like Changmin or buff like Yunho so…. It posed a little bit of a problem for me… And for goodness’ sake… The amount of cat walk at the duration of the video was too much. I’ll overlook his blonde hair (I think he suits a darker hair color) but the other stuff clings to me. Ugh!

BUT regardless of all those minor stuff, I love it!!! Kudos to Junsu! Let them see the inner fierce you possess!!!



I never really followed any rookie group so actively so I wasn’t really familiar with A-JAX or formerly known as the DSP boys (or something like that). But while reading a Goo Hara article, they attached this teaser video for a fellow label mate. I watched the teaser and was left in utter shock. It took me a few minutes and a couple of replays before I got over the fact that Goo Hara played the creepy lady in the video!

I’m not even kidding, I like Goo Hara and all in variety shows, thanks to Invincible Youth, but playing a part so different from her persona was beyond outstanding and surprising. She was creepy, eerie, mysterious, out of this world. Her wardrobe… The expressions she used… the setting… The elements used to portray her aloneness… And that scene were she was lying on the bed covered in bruises.. My gosh! Major goosebump!!! All aspect were mixed so well. It was very effective. There waasn’t any excessive acting, too but the mood was set so perfectly it’s almost hard to believe Goo Hara pulled it off flawlessly.

It also helped that the song was quite good, too! Seriously, the video/song deserves all the love they are getting right now. And to you Goo Hara, hwaiting!!!



Okay, like I said before, I don’t follow rookie groups so actively and really, the only reason I checked Hello Venus was because they were dubbed as the most promising rookie of 2012.

Although I don’t care who the best rookie of this year would be, it’s quite premature to claim such title in an article. Well, and I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt wronged by that. Still, unlike the vicious netizens, my reason is totally different from them. I didn’t want to dub them as the most promising rookie because it’s still too early  in the year and there’s a lot of other rookies coming up as well. Until all of them have made their debut, that’s when it’s safe to compare each of their talents and impact (without being unreasonable at the same time).

Anyway, so being a curious lurker of AKP, I checked out the girls’ video. Sure, they are cute singing a catchy song but in all un-bias form of constructive criticism, nothing was quite outstanding in their presence. Like what the others have stated, they took the simplest way to debut. And the blonde gurls dark roots were so distracting!!!! How can they have not fixed that before filming the video?! Ugh! SO unpleasant! When SNSD debuted, all of them were at least decent looking and simple. Even taking a riskier approach by debuting with “Into The New World“. It wasn’t the conventional track any rookie would have chosen to get an instant hit but instead, they opted to show a more powerful dance song with powerful vocals to boot. Ahh… So proud of my gurls…

I guess that may be the other possible reason why a lot of people were rather adamant about the group. They can’t even help but compare them with SPICA who made their debut in February. Note, I didn’t watch their debut stage nor music video until after reading a lot of the netizens mention this group in Hello Venus’ article (quite unethical but as if anybody can stop that kind of thing from happening in any of AKP’s articles), I had to obviously check them out myself and stop feeling like an outcast.



And as much as I don’t want to compare, I can’t help but to agree at the majority of the netizen. When it comes to vocal talent, SPICA is by far more talented. Even the video itself, I’d go for SPICA. Unlike Hello Venus at least SPICA didn’t take the cutesy road to stardom and instead truly showcased their talent. I expect more opportunity coming their way. It might be difficult because of the fierce competition in the K-pop world but I hope they remain unyielding and push through.

I won’t actively follow these rookie groups in the future it seems but it’s a nice start for all of them. Too bad being a Jumping BoA and SONE is already too time consuming… I wish I can check out more groups but it’s not physically possible. HAHA! Oh well towel, minna-san, hwaiting!!!! (mixing Japanese and Korean because I’m one fearless bastard! LOL!)

– – –

Fast Fact:

I don’t have any form of allergy.

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