Do Not Judge Me

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For about two months now, I’ve started counting my calorie intake thanks to “My Fitness Pal” app. If I wanted to lose 10lbs. correlating it to my current weight and height at the time, I would need to restrict myself from going over a 1200 calorie intake. There’s a significant difference between my usual diet and the once I’ll be taking on to achieve my desired weight… But for some reason, I don’t usually go over it. It was VERY hard but in time, I gained self control and stayed away from food I usually eat just because I’m unnecessarily hungry or bored.

It’s not obvious but I did shed some pounds but not enough… And then lately, a lot has been tempting me to cross over the dark side especially because it’s the summer and we’ve been having a lot of out of town trips and such. *sigh*

And then just a while ago, I caved in to temptation and had ice cream……… Actually, I’ve wanted to eat some since last night but with will power (that apparently  lasted me a few hours) I was able to postpone it until today



I know I should regret eating so much food today (I even had two pieces of cassava cake and pandecoco! Holy mother of God!) but if I’ll be completely honest, I REGRET NOTHING!!! I finished my ice cream feeling content and happy with a dash of shittiness. All those calories I welcomed inside my body… So, soooooo bad *sigh*

My sister and I were just talking about how envious we are of people who has nice body line who can wear any type of clothes and not look like a bloated retarded  kangaroo and all we can do is wish… It’s so frustrating!!! If only we have the same luxury in life like these sexy people. Unfortunately for my case, I’m not even pretty to begin with, I’m short, my skin is icky and I’m overweight… Ang sakit sa bangs!!!

Oh well towel, that’s life :3

Important thing is, I enjoyed my ice cream. HAHA!

– – –

Fast Fact:

I was wearing my brother’s shirt in this picture. I actually wear a lot of his clothes :3

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