My Poor Poor Heart…

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The past two days has been a whirlwind! What, with the SM Town concert at Honda Center Anaheim and MBC Google Concert in San Jose… To be honest, I think I was up for more than 40 hours coz I was continuously updating myself with the happenings in LA through Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube and Soshified (and the fact that we had to go to QC at 6 in the morning and then to Valenzuela, have a jacuzzi/spa at Timog then tavel back in Cavite. Gawd, I was so beat!).

From when SNSD landed in LAX, their venture in Southcoast Plaza, Strolls at Downtown Disney, the concert itself, BoA’s concert in Osaka and updates about COBU 3D, the MBC Google concert streamed live and the leaked clips from I AM movie… Oh my goodness gracious! How can you expect me to calm my nerves!!! If I were in the US, I WOULD BE SOOOOOO THERE and experience the extravagant stage of SM Town (and maybe bump into them somewhere in California)!!!! I have ways to buy the tickets (Thanks to Tumblr) and I wouldn’t mind going there by myself and fangurl, screaming at the top of my lungs, dancing the night away! I mean, I might go there alone (since I don’t have friends who are into K-Pop :c) but end up returning home gaining 214 new friends… LIKE SERIOUSLY! I love fangurling with the rest of the crowd that are one and the same… I lack ways to do so nowadays… :c You can never even start to imagine how my poor poor heart is so ready to explode with so much fangurling but nobody to share it with…!!! *halupasay*

This is too much!!! I think what makes me even more frustrated was the fact that the SNSD gurls were spotted at places I frequent when I was there. Ugh!!! Imagine the chances of me bumping into them and experience their Goddess beauty so close…!!!! Arg!!! And all the fan accounts about BoA! Everybody hailed her as the true Queen B! And about her telling everybody to have fun and shake their booties! OMG! You’re so Americanized BoA!!! My poor heart!!! All your amazing fanvideos.. I think I watched all of them already!!! HAHA!!! You really killed it!!!

I don’t care if people don’t understand the beauty of fandom… About how people, such as myself, love these amazing people despite not meeting them in person (Although, I did, somehow. I won’t forget all those three times I get to meet BoA and get an autographed poster; and during SM Town Live concert in LA 2 years ago)… Being happy when their happy, sad when their heartbroken, proud when they achieve success and support them when they most needed it. It’s the unconditional love us fans can only offer them. We don’t mind if we remain faceless as long as we can continue to cheer for them.

[insert, live time: OMFG!!!!! Kyah! Kyah!!!! So G. NA just released her third mini album and just finished listening to all of her songs and OMFG!!! Like Seriously!!!! English version of I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better!!!! Kyah!!!! I was trying to learn to sing this in Korean but for obvious reason, I’ve never really succeeded and got good result. Damn you super hard Korean language!!! I’m so glad I wouldn’t have to suffer from tongue ties from now on… I am so gonna master and nail singing this song in English! Ahhh!!! You just watch!!! And OMFG!!!! The lyrics!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! My poor poor heart!!!!!]

*sigh* And this is me not even physically there to watch the concert… HAHA!!! Oh well towel… You know that even from far away, I am always here to cheer and support you…. Bo-Shi fighting!!!! And I am still very much anticipating your albums!!! This is gonna be BoA’s year!!! And SNSD’s upcoming Japanese album in June. Oh fuckkkkkk!!!!

And well, to give my heart a sort of a happier tune after being distressed, battered, tattered, wounded, stabbed, marred and tortured in sadness, here’s something to make myself (and you)smile…



Aww Taeyeon… This dork is a such a dork!!! You’re so precious, I love you so much Taeyeon-ah~! Like what hellaBayAr3a  said, “From amazing to dorky in three seconds. So much has changed, yet so little truly have changed.” There, happiness

Still finding ways to watch this movie!!! Hopefully if I’m lucky, I’ll get to watch it with English subs instead… HAHA!!!! I still need to see BoA though, but I’m patient…

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! SM Town you are all awesome!!!! Haters are gonna hate on you but really, only because you are the BEST!!!!



I don’t own any of the images or fan video. Please note me if you know who to credit :3

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Fast Fact:

I want to lose weight so I can also have them, smexy collar bones ❤

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