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Couple of weeks ago, I brought up a personal proposal to myself, for me to write an entry featuring each of the members of SNSD. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but because I was caught in a dilemma choosing my ultimate bias in the group, I just didn’t have a choice… I couldn’t. 

Seriously. I really like each of the gurls, that choosing just one bias is almost impossible. And in the end, it happened this way. 

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Choi Sooyoung

If I’ll go back to the time when I was completely ignorant of each of the member’s personalities, I would like to confess that back then, I wouldn’t consider Sooyoung to be my bias — ever in this lifetime! 

I am ashamed to admit that at the beginning, I thought she didn’t fit the image to be a member of SNSD… And the reason for that was because I thought she’s not that pretty… Compared to Yuri and Yoona who stood out the first time I paid attention to the members, I deemed her incomparable to them… And I know it is of course, not her fault, but her nose really bothered me.. At one point I even blamed it on a bad nose job.. Highly impossible, I found out, especially after seeing her mom in several shows/pictures. She obviously got it from her mom… Even her sister resembles the nose shape.  (I learned to look pass it)

First Sooyoung pic I saw. I really didn’t find her pretty here until much later. Thanks to “Hello Baby”

Sooyoung’s Mom

Sooyoung and Soojin (sister)

I still find Soojin a little bit prettier than Sooyoung. But that doesn’t make Sooyoung any less :3

And then quite randomly, after reading an article about SNSD meeting Avril Lavigne on a certain Japanese show, I was kinda compelled to check it out. I was a fan of Avril you see… But lo and behold, instead of focusing on Avril, I found myself focusing on this extra gorgeous angel talking in a flawless Japanese — SOOYOUNG. Imagine my surprised after this sudden realization!


I can’t tell exactly when I started loving this gurl with all my heart (eww, cheesy! Haha!) but next thing I know, I always look forward to everything she comes up with. Whether it’s a stage performance, interview, variety show, I make sure to pay a closer look at her.

Without a doubt, she’s one of the most outspoken member of SNSD since the beginning and through various shows, I had a clearer view of her. I can say that she’s just a very optimistic, fun, loving and emotional person. She expresses herself without restriction and she delivers well with a dash of humor here and there. I love her humor best of all!!!


^On the spot acting. Sooyoung’s really articulate. Even during interviews. She’s awesome!!!


SNSD is known for their Goddess beauty but really, it’s Sooyoung who is the first one to destroy that image by bringing everybody down with her comments or hilarious antics. It’s so easy for her to get everybody to join her, and taint their image altogether. Most often than not, it’s the usual pranksters that join her *cough*Hyoyeon*cough*Yuri*cough* she is full of jokes and one of the mood makers in the group, I’m sure.



^aside from Sunny and YoonA (lately, Hyoyeon, too), Sooyoung is prolly the next person who likes to showcase her aegyo. Some people might call it annoying and irritating but I love watching her. I even got my friend Brian to watch it with me :3


^To be honest, this clip of Sooyoung was so painful to watch… She was so embarrassing!!! Even Tiffany doesn’t know what to do to escape that moment of awkwardness… HAHA!!!! One of my most favorite clip ever :3


^I miss this show so, sooo much!!! There were a lot of EPIC moments throughout the whole show! And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that this show featured the whole SNSD gurls! Wanna watch it again!!!


She is a great entertainer that shined even at the beginning of SNSD. It’s either she has that superiority vibe for being one of the oldest trainee amongst SNSD (alongside Jessica) or she’s just a natural bully.

Ah, definitely a bully at heart. 


ˆHyo wasn’t even doing anything to deserve that. But OMG! I can’t really sympathize with her when I enjoyed the whole thing! HAHA!



^And then Sooyoung mastering the art of trolling. HAHA!!! HyoYoung is LOVE!


^Sooyoung catching Taeyeon so effortlessly :3

I don’t know how many accounts were there of her bullying Taeyeon/Sunny about their height complex, Tiffany/Jessica about their phail Korean (mostly Tiffany because she is far more clueless), Yuri for being dark skinned, Hyoyeon for her choding tendencies and tounge ties, YoonA for her childishness and lastly Seohyun because it’s just THAT fun to bully her :3 she has a lot to say about everybody.. Her memory is outstanding. Usually, she’s the one who spills a lot of funny stories about the members. It’s always so amusing!

For some reasons, she seems to be an airhead because she talks and talks as if not thinking anymore but if we’ll go technical, everything she says is with sense and it seems like she can back herself up. She’s kinda the mood maker (aside from Hyoyeon) who always make the atmosphere light and funny but behind that is a seriously smart lady.

To start, she is fluent in Japanese. She had first made her debut in Japan under Route 0 together with Takahashi and released a couple of singles. But that was a loooooong time ago. To be able to retain such fluency up to this stage is admirable. Not only that. In a span of 2-3 years (prolly lesser) she was able to grasp the English language quite well! I was utterly shocked when I saw her speaking formal and sensible english during a fan meeting in New York held last year! And I read through some fan accounts that during their Singapore concert, it’s not Jessica but Sooyoung who talked a lot during the event! In English!!! She seemed to like conversing in English and use it often to practice. She even helped fellow member Hyoyeon in pronunciation when they were recording ‘The Boys’ in English. You would think it would be Seohyun who would be the best in the language since she diligently studies but noooooo!!!! Out of nowhere, this Sooyoung person steps out and impressed the whole world with her linguistic skills! This kid must be studying behind our backs.. Tsktsk! Stop impressing us Sooyoungie!!! But really, can she help it?


^Sooyoung talking in Japanese


^Sooyoung’s English in 2009


^Sooyoung’s English in 2010


^Sooyoung’s English in 2011


^Sooyoung’s English in 2012. She has an extensive English vocabulary and can both speak and understand the language just fine. Even correcting the translator! Nothing short of outstanding Sooyoungie!

She’s so talented I don’t even know how I’ll cover all of it in this one post. But I’ll try :3

Another point to be noted is her outstanding skill in dancing. I’ve mentioned this a few times already but during performances, it’s actually Sooyoung (Jessica and Yuri) whom I often monitor. She is a GREAT dancer! Very graceful and elegant!!! Her movements are always precise! And I think because of her height, she stands out even more. I wish for a time where she’ll get more solo stage… Not only for a dance routine but also a musical one.


^Please somebody, let’s all stop what we’re doing and check Sooyoung’s part at 0:50. Damn those hip movements… *A*


^Smexy tango dance by our very own Sooyoung. She also covered the song “Sway“.

Again, not as outstanding as Taeyeon or Tiffany but Sooyoung can hit her notes accurately. I don’t think I have ever heard her mess up or sense any form of nervousness whenever she performs her part no matter how small it is. I like her confidence and creativity. And why shouldn’t she have that kind of self confidence when she’s not even horrible!

I think the problem lies on her voice quality. It’s so……. Common. I mean, I don’t even like Jessica’s singing voice — at all — but there is a distinct ring to it. Even Hyoyeon. Sooyoung is just so plain, nothing exceptional.. And until she is given a really decent song to somehow showcase a different side of her, then I am more than willing to entertain it!


^This is pretty good :3 Although there are other songs where she sang better, I’m posting this because Sooyoung is singing a BoA song! Bo-Shi!

And to continue, I would like to add that not just as a singer but Sooyoungie has a potential to be a good actress. Iuno. I haven’t personally seen a lot of her acting skit except from a couple clips from different variety shows but somehow, she emulates that actress aura. It seems like she’s a person who can completely immerse herself in a given role without looking too desperate or fake. So far, she’s only acted roles close to her personality (funny and with a bully tendency) but with her upcoming series in a few months time, we’ll be sure to be on a treat :3 I personally couldn’t wait for it! I could forego not watching Wild Romance, Fashion King and even Love Rain. But for Sooyoung’s drama… I don’t know… I’m more than interested and that’s a start, don’t you think?

If not as an actress, Sooyoung seems to have a future in hosting. She has a way with words and her ability to make the others comfortable around her is also a plus factor. I’ve always imagined her hosting her own talkshow and having the other 8 SNSD members as her guests in the future. That would be sooooo fun I bet! I can almost imagine her spilling a lot of SNSD secrets that will throw the whole fandom upside down :3

Not just that, having a model like body, Sooyoung is possibly one of the most sought after magazine model. She fits any clothes you put on her. And any hairstyles surprisingly fits her, too! It helps that she’s naturally a fashionista :3 a lot acknowledges her as one of the best dressed amongst SNSD. Quite recently, she’s been in a lot of fashion shows and magazine pictorials. I’m happy that she can take on that road, too if the time comes SNSD should disband. (hopefully that won’t be until much much later!)

I haven’t really discussed this is detail but to be honest, I think Sooyoung would be a good candidate to be SNSD’s leader. Taeyeon was just forced to take the role when they made their debut but if at that time, they had the freedom to choose, I’m sure the other member would choose Sooyoung (or maybe Tiffany). She’s just ‘out there‘ and she never seems to run out of ideas. Taeyeon’s a little too timid. Jessica would be too lazy to do any work. Sunny is good but it seems like she’ll always be in the background. Like the ‘neck‘ of the group supporting the head. But being Lee Soo Man’s niece could also be detrimental to her. You could just imagine all the attacks haters would throw at her if she gets the position… Tiffany is a good candidate but Sooyoung has more talent and her ability to converse not only Japanese but also in English is a plus plus. And she’s better in variety shows that is a potential way of gathering new fans :3 But Tiffany’s really good with interviews, articulate (so is Sooyoung, btw). Yuri and YoonA doesn’t seem the leader type either. I think they would prefer to have fun rather than take a serious role in the group. And of course our maknae. Seohyun is definitely the most level headed person in SNSD with great decision skills. She’s not the sensible member for nothing. But as the youngest and the person who respects her unnies to the point of leaving all the decision matters to the unnies, she’ll refuse the role on the spot, without a doubt. She’s comfortable being a follower than a leader. (nobody can really boss her around tho. So cuteeeee!). So yeah, that leaves us with Sooyoung. I wouldn’t complain :3


On a different note, completely different from what I have discussed so far, I personally like SooSica and HyoYoung pairings. I think it’s also a factor that these three are the gurls who trained longest in SNSD. I watched a lot of SooSica fanmade videos and omigosh! I can’t help but lean towards that direction!!! Haha! Again, not in a romantic type of inclination, okaaaaaaaaaay -____- I just really appreciate the friendship between the two of them. It seems that they share a lot of secrets and now that their room mates, who would know about everything they talk about. Haha! I think despite Jessica’s cold personality and Sooyoung’s rowdiness, the two are more bonded than anybody else and they have time to attest it :3


^I really, really love this clip. Jessica was really perceptive. I don’t really see her participate much in discussions but for this, she really made it a point to voice out her opinion and she was very sincere about her comment about Sooyoung,too. That’s just admirable. She doesn’t just see the superficial stuff but also what’s ‘real’. I guess her caring for Sooyoung is that deep :3 There were a bunch of other notable SooSica clips but this is by far the best of the best (I watched over a hundred, mind you. And in case you’re in doubt, no. I’m not even kidding.)


As for HyoYoung… Omigosh, these two spells EPIC! As the prominent jokester of the group, when the two are together, you can only imagine the extent of their antics. I’m sure they’ll have a pranking spree bullying their members. Their humor matches well! I always love watching the both of them interact during variety shows. Hello Baby and Dangerous Boys were one of their best shows together! Seriously, we need more HyoYoung action! Te-hee!!!


^Omigod!!! Must be nice to have a friend that is on a same wavelength as yours… These two are too much!!!

To be honest, I really don’t know how I’ll finish writing this article.. I feel like I wanna discuss more about Sooyoung but I can’t help but to just spazz about her like there’s no end! Haha!

I guess I’ll just conclude this post by saying that Sooyoungie deserves all the love that she’s given ever since she made her debut. We know how wonderful her personality is and us SONEs are just so glad that we’re able to watch her further herself even more. She’s someone every person would want to be friends with.  As much as we love her, she loves us equally, too. A true jewel in this industry.

Sooyoungie, hwaiting!


So many videos already so I didn’t overdid this entry by posting a lot of Sooyoung’s picture as well… I think it’s pretty obvious how much I love her already anyway. HAHA!!!! Thanks for reading!!!! If you feel like I need to credit somebody, please lemme know :3

Pictures (c) Owner

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Fast Fact:

I don’t watch any TV shows anymore. Actually for a while now. Thanks internet!

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