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And let me take this opportunity to seriously speak my mind about my sudden Facebook activation.

First of all, I am really upset about the whole thing.

The reason why I left in the first place was to avoid any emotional stressors in my life. It’s been a month and I still can’t accept the fact that Sidney’s already in a relationship. It gave me quite the shock and I still can’t quite get over the stigma it caused me. Oh my gawd, it’s so pathetic of me saying this but one way or the other, it did affect me.. And I’m so sorry to say this but (I’m already so irrational as it is so whatevs) the girl he chose to be with was weirder than me =_____=;

I should insinuate that the girl has a pink-purple hair on her profile pic. Whether it’s a wig or perhaps her horrendous real hair, is beyond my comprehension.

Of course I don’t have anything against cosplayers (or even her) because as an otaku myself, I appreciate that form of art. But since I’m letting my irrationality rule me over, I won’t be sorry for saying this.

As I was saying earlier, I left Facebook so I can stop continuously trolling Sidney. But the heavens would of course interfere with my quiet life and then forced me to come back against my will. Seriously, if my grades weren’t at stake, I won’t consider going back to Facebook in a million years.

Ugh!!!! So frustrating!!!! I thought I can avoid it. I mean, I was told multiple times to revive my page (Like three faculty) but found ways to disregard it until now… Good gracious! My whole day was ruined because of that. HAHA, dramatic but I really have a lot of feelings right now. I can’t stop myself from exploding.


Oh well, towel. All I can do was to rant away anyway. I was just really upset about the whole thing but I’ll get over this. I guess I’ll see y’all over there D:

– – –

Fast Fact:

Of course one of the first thing I did when I activated my Facebook account was to visit his page. Talk about being a masochist >:E

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