If I can be so bold to be saying this from my own mouth but–

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Jaime Family loves me more than Sidney’s girlfriend.


Excuse me but this is a proven fact.

Ate Chelle told me this a while back. Told me I’m way better looking, too *cough*. Even Renz said the same thing. He even quoted, “Sid’s mom called my mom and told her that she prefers you (Lexie) better and his dad thinks the gf is ugly hahaha“.

And then earlier, Mae messaged me on LINE and told me about the recent tweet I posted and asked it it was about Sidney. It was too obvious that I’d be stupid to even consider feigning innocence. I told her that it was. And we talked a little bit about it. She told me that all of them were practically surprised when Sidney posted his shocking status change on facebook. She said she met the gurl before but she was just meh and I was way better and everybody already loves me. I mean, I call the Jaime offsprings practically my cousins!

Mae told me she didn’t talk much and never got along with everybody else during one of their family lunch/dinner around Mother’s Day. They practically isolated themselves. It was surprising but it was even Ate Maion who brought up the topic about the GF and me. Everybody agreed I was way better, of course. *flips hair*

Mae even called Sidney stupid for not even considering me when I was literally there waiting.

He is lame and he’s stupid enough to throw away a good opportunity to be with me… Sucks for you bro… LOL!

Also, Mae finally cleared the issue about the gurls hair color. Apparently, it’s still black and the gurl’s picture was with her wearing a wig =________=;


Oh well, that’s just about it. Of course I’m finding ways to make myself feel better no matter how desperate a measure it is. Kekekeke. Post full of flaunting and self praise… I’m so sorry for not being sorry.


Lexie-chan, ganbatte!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:

The first time I saw an SNSD MV: They all look the same :s

Now: Okay this is the part when Yoona comes in and OH look that’s sunny I can tell from her shoes

That was actually from a certain Tumblr post. But it was too accurate that I just have to!!!! TRUE STORY.

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