Yunho and BoA should get married.

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Unfortunately, there’s no subbed version of BoA’s WinWin episode as of yet…

But I’ll keep my calm and won’t be complaining as much… Seeing several news about BoA everyday makes my heart swell with happiness already!!! What more that it involves Yunho!!!! AHHHH!!!!

Anyway, dun dun dun dun…. To introduce some of the precious clips from the said show:



BoA’s trolling Yunho! HAHA!!! Look at that hearty laugh of Yunho!!!! He must be really shocked by what BoA said!!! HAHA!!!! I think I am starting to believe that indeed, she’s the “Kim Gura” personification in SME. HAHA!!! They’re so cute! HOMIGOD! I don’t even know what to do with them!!!! So much pink vibes coming outta them!!!! ❤


HAHA!!! BoA bullying this giant!!! Seriously, BoA has him all wrapped around her fingers!!! I laveeeettt!!! Especially when my friend just told me that Yunho likes that kind of personality in a gurl. Hello, they are so perfect for each other!!! I wonder if I should start reading Yunho and BoA fanfics now… HAHA!!! But where?!



Well, unless they eventually end up together… Just saying… HAHA! I ship so hard!!! Yunho should just go and marry our beautiful BoA… HAHA! Seriously man, I do ship the two of them so baaaaaddd!!! And isn’t what Yunho said kinda a subtle hint of his true intentions *whistle*? BoA!!!! Get the hint already!!! Ugh!!!This is so frustrating!!!!!

If I were her, I would be like:

I can’t get enough of it!!!! And after seeing these clips, my reaction was literally like this:

Ahh… I must endure for a few more weeks. I’m sure somebody will eventually sub this. I mean they better!!!! First appearance in 12 years is legendary!!! Ugh!!! Be patient Lexie… Be patient… Until then can I only say:


Read some fanfics!!! And OMIGOD!!! My heart!!!! It was short and supah cute!!!! Especially Jessica/Jonghyun and BoA/Yunho fic!!! AHHHH!!!! I feel like writing again!!!! UGH!!! This fandom!!!!

Read it!!!!

– – –

Fast Fact:

Lexie-chan was supposed to be working on her Web designing project but here I am, totally immersed with all the YunBoA snippets here and there. Still, I REGRET NOTHING!!!


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  1. ur delusional baby~ hahahaha

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