After school…

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Sorry, not the Korean girl group.

So, it has been three weeks now since I started school. The first week, although overwhelming, can’t compare to what we’re experiencing now… Like seriously, for an insomniac person such as I, it has been my habit now to sleep at around 11pm instead of my usual 2 or 3am sleeping hours…

I don’t know. as soon as I get home, I just  eat (if I’m in the mood), take a shower and sleep. Sometimes, I don’t even bother to go OL because I feel so tired and just want to get as much rest as I can… I don’t know what it is exactly that’s draining me but it is affecting me one way or the other.

Today was no different…

I came home feeling hungry, tired and unmotivated to do anything. It doesn’t help that it’s such a bed weather, too. Whut, with the soft drizzle outside the window and this cool air… Seriously, I just lied on my bed as soon as I got home and started dozing off. Well, after taking this shitty picture first, though.

HAHA! I just have to!!!

Ah! You know what, it just occurred to me why one of our particular subject was draining so much of my energy. It’s not because I am so foreign with web building because I am more than willing to learn anything. Conceptualizing may be a factor but it’s workable. Even the amount of HW is manageable, however, the fact that we were not given a chance to build a website THAT WE WANT was such a bit of a downer.

She instead listed several topics from where we will choose our final project. Although nationalistic, as the topics revolves around Filipino games, cuisine, creature, endangered species, popular icon, etc., these are not the topics that usually pique my interest. In fact, I wouldn’t even give a damn. I was literally forcing myself to just hang on as I complete this term and do my own thing… HAHA!!! If my prof were to ask me about my reaction about my project, I would be more or less be reacting like this:


If only I can make a website about BoA and SNSD perhaps (or even K-pop in general), omigod… I can’t even imagine the amount of time and effort I am willing to give to make it possible… HAHA!!! I mean I already spend so much time as it is to write my “SNSD Project” what more if it is graded? Of course I would be more motivated to work harder!!! HAHA!

But until I learn all the basics, I would have to endure…

– – –

Fast Fact:

Besides “Love Letter“, “Possibility” would be the next BoA Japanese song I can never ever get tired of listening.



And the music video was also so fetch! I love it to death!!!! BoA looked so edgy with that short hair and totally rocking it! IMHO, I still consider her Japanese songs far better than her Korean once. Even her wardrobe was so much better then. Right now, everybody says she looks older… Kinda makes me sad :c But really, it’s not because she physically looks old. It’s more like her style now is geared towards a more mature side instead of a fresh, youthful look that boast of trend.

Still, I know my BoA and I can only pity people with a shallow opinion of her without really knowing anything. SMH.


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