Ice Cream

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This is a usual scenario that happens at home, but today was more interesting than usual :3

Mom: Do you wanna have breakfast?

Lexie: No.

Mom: (lunch) Have some soup if you want.

Lexie: No.

Mom: I bought some banana, eat some before it rots.

Lexie: *reluctant* Fine.

Mom: We have leche flan, eat some before your brother eats it.

Lexie: Okay. *forgets anyway*

Mom: I bought some melons. Here.

Lexie: Mother, you know I don’t eat that.

Mom: What do you want to eat?

Lexie: Nothing.

Mom: We have bread, I bought pandecoco, eat some.

Lexie: No, I’m not hungry.

Mom: We have kamote.

Lexie: Don’t wanna.

Mom: Do you want me to make you some tea?

Lexie: No, I’m okay.

Mom: Here, some nuts.

Lexie: *stares at it, eats a little*

And then I had a quiet moment just minding my own business. I was working on my Flash animation since morning because I was such in a mood to learn it. I didn’t want to be bothered, to be honest. La la la la la~

*Mother came out of her room*

Mom: Do you want some ice cream?

Lexie: I’ll even buy it for you!

I seriously got up from my seat within 2 seconds with a stupid grin on my face. I was wearing my brother’s oversized shirt and a ghetto shorts (it looks like the ones you buy from the public market) but I didn’t care. I didn’t even fix my hair, I just wore a cap and walked to the store to buy it (using my Mom’s money of course. HAHAHA!). I AM SO GETTING MY ICE CREAM!!!!

If it has anything to do with ice cream, I always give in….. Ugh! Preposterous!!! This, and when it comes to Taho and Milk Tea.

– – –

Fast Fact:

I have no talent when it comes to conceptualizing an idea. I think I am better of being told what to do than to decide. Not because I am incapable. Of course I am not. I just find it quite tedious… HAHA!!! So bad!!!

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