No One Else…

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“even if i can’t tell that i love you, the fact that I’m
able to look at you from a distance, give you everything and love you
even if i’m sad, i’m happy”



Some troll tagged this song as SNSD’s new mv for Paparazzi. Although I should be immensely disappointed and upset for being tricked, I couldn’t stay mad… I didn’t even explode given that I’ve been anticipating SNSD Paparazzi’s new music video from a while now (it was finally released but was set in private so I am hunting for it) and only to get a false video. Still, it was because of that, that I was able to come across this beautiful song!!!! (thank you SNSD!) “No One Else” by Lee Seung Chul is such a melodramatic song. I couldn’t help but get carried away while listening to it.

To be honest, I really can’t relate to the lyrics of the song if we’ll go technical. But the emotion and poetic lyrics of this song brings tears to my eyes… It’s just so heartfelt!

And it seems like the movie where it was featured was just as sad… *sigh*

I want to watch the movie “A Sad Story Sadder Than Sadness” but if I really want to pursue it, I need to be prepared to cry myself out. Sometimes I get so emotional that really, listening to this songs makes me want to shed some tears… One of the reason why as much as possible, I don’t watch dramas in the first place. HAHA!!!

And then at this very moment, Lee So Ra’sThe Wind Is Blowing” is currently playing in the background…

the world is like yesterday, and time is going by
and only i have changed like this alone
my vain wishes scattered by wind evanesce painfully”



I think someone wants me to cry tonight! LOL! All these dramatic songs!!!! And it’s even raining!!! HAHA!!! A sign maybe? LOL!

Well, sharing for everybody to enjoy. This sets the mood so perfectly… Awww… Now I think I am energized/inspired to finish my homework for class. HAHA!!! So before I lose this drive, ciao!!!


– – –

Fast Fact:

I listen to sad music even if I’m happy. I really just love this kind of songs :3


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