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Finally… FINALLY IT’S OUT!!!

To be honest, I wasn’t aware that SME planned to release this music video tonight until I saw some tweets from Soshified… HOMIGOD! Right after that, I kept of refreshing the youtube page, wishing they will unveil it earlier than the set time but these trolls decided to post it 5 minutes after midnight!!!! (and I haven’t elaborated on the fact that an even bigger troll decided to post a fake Paparazzi mv on youtube! Grr!) Ugh! I was literally setting up a countdown until they post it up.

Refresh… Refresh…!

And when it’s finally out and I was physically watching it, I was literally



It was so perfect! It was such a great song, with a great choreography that goes along with a great stage and concept from the GREATEST GIRL GROUP IN HISTORY, MY BELOVED SNSD!!!! Ugh!!! All my feels!!! I can’t get over it!!!! The song is soooo good, I’m not even kidding! So catchy and upbeat and exciting and so flirty at the same time! Ugh!!! Sooyoung got a lot of solo parts, too! And Jessica didn’t sound as annoying. Yay! Also let me just take this opportunity to say that Hyoyeon looked absolutely fantastic here!!! Of course Tiffany, too :3 Love her hair pulled up. And Sunny’s edgy hairstyle. Maaaannn… SNSD have the best stylist ever!!!

Anyway, like what Tiffany hinted a while ago, when Paparazzi was still on its way, she commented that they were practicing for a new song that has the most complex dance routine to date. I couldn’t agree more! So many complicated hand movements and formation changes. I’m not even sure how Tiffany was able to keep up with everything that was happening! But in the end, she lived up to her “Swag Fany” title.. HAHA!

I was like:




In fact, SM was considerate enough to even release a dance version of this amazing song!



In both versions, the girls were all so beautiful! I love their outfit and hairstyles! Especially that one where they were wearing the gurly suit with the funky pink gloves and knee high boots! FUCK! Full of swag!!!


Thank you, thank you for releasing this song!!! It’s so beautiful and ultimately, I just really miss these gurls altogether performing on stage (or mv for that matter).

I’m obviously rambling right now. So sorry… I’m just very emotional right now. HAHA!!! Lovin’ this too much!!!! Raping replay button for an hour now! Ugh! Can’t get enough!!! Oh well… Let’s trend this everywhere!!!

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