Happy Father’s Day!

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Haven’t got the chance to talk to Dad but I want to dedicate this special post for him. HAHA!

To be honest, when he left home for the States, our family relationship had gotten better. I guess his absence  helped all of us cherish each other’s significant presence in this family. Before, it was so chaotic. Everybody’s just yelling at each other especially my parents. Although my Mom and Dad are living in one roof, I can’t say that you can even call them husband and wife anymore. HAHA! My immature Dad and Dramatic Mom… Seriously…

But like I said, the relationship between all of us has improved. In fact, more often than not, we interact with our Dad a lot more than before (I don’t even talk to him in the past because of a lot of hate and grudge). There was even one time when we were trying to talk to him on Skype but my brother’s laptop wasn’t transferring the video clearly so we had to use mine but I didn’t have my Dad’s Skype account at the time and I didn’t have an FB account (phail). In the end, we had to use my sister’s laptop to be able to talk to him.

This ended up happening:

HAHA, that was so funny!!! But it’s such a nice feeling that all of us are trying to strengthen what you call “family bond” amongst us.

Seriously, we miss our Dad :c We always pray for his safety and health! Always take care over there!!! We ❤ You even if we don’t show it :3

– – –

Fast Fact:

The reason why I hated my real name was because it was related to my Dad’s name. I really hated him before. I don’t even respect him and detested his mere presence. I don’t know when it happened, but gradually, that intense feeling of hate slowly diminished and now, although I still can’t get myself to be as affectionate as I should be as a daughter, I began to appreciate him more. He’s trying, too. Not just for me but for our whole family. And I like that :3

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