To Future Husband

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Not that I’m skipping the boyfriend stage but seriously, if I want to be in a serious relationship, I rather have my significant half more of a husband material than a testing ground for me :3

Anyway, so I was watching We Got Married featuring Khuntoria. (Watch it here: ) and while I was enjoying watching each episodes, I couldn’t help but toy with the idea of actually having a husband myself. Or maybe have a serious dating experience with this unnamed person as of yet.

Although I don’t feel lonely right now for being single, I think it is still better to finally have someone to double whatever happiness I have right now, don’t you think? Because even if I have a wonderful family and supportive friends by my side, it’s still different if we’re talking about my other half. To be honest, just thinking of it makes my heart flutter!

I don’t have any clear image of how I want him to be. Of course I have my own ideals but you don’t always get what you’ve always wanted. But if I’d be bold enough to ask God, I hope He’ll let me meet a man who will be completely supportive of me. Someone who would understand my musings when it comes to my fandom. It doesn’t mean that he should be a fan like me. It’s more like I want him to be around and cater my fangurling habits. To tease me, bother me and stuff… Just involving himself. It would be fun if he’ll allot some time to watch some videos with me, too. Then we’ll have some drawing sessions together and have a competition. We’ll watch random movies, go to karaoke, have a random stroll at the mall, discover new places, eat a lot of sweet stuff, wear matching clothes or buy a matching item that we’ll both use together.

I like childish stuff and I hope he’ll be understanding enough to go along with me.

I would like it if he’ll be the type of guy who wouldn’t mind even if I wear shitty clothes but totally compliments me when I do dress well or look pretty.

He’ll let me wear his shirts, too. I imagine him looking at me with that disapproving look but will still give in. HAHA! And we’ll feed each other so naturally without a care of what people will say. It’s as if we’re the only one that exists :3

Then, we’ll have a couple diary where we will write our thoughts or whatever ramblings we have in mind. I’ll write on it, then I’ll give it to him. He will smile while reading it and write his own thoughts,too and will let me read it after he’s done. We’ll have a photo document and take videos together. We’ll be laughing our asses off while cringing watching ourselves looking like complete idiots in the videos…

Eventually, he’ll meet my friends and have good relationship with them, too. Later, he’ll meet my family and makes me feel he wants to be a part of it. He’ll call me wife and I’ll call him husband. We’ll have silly petty fights and we’ll kiss and make up…

Really, I don’t expect something grand. In fact, I’m not a grandiose type of person. So……………. iuno. I really don’t know.

Ugh… making me say all these icky things…. Really, it’s because of Khuntoria and this damn rainy season!!! It’s making my emotional side resurface… HAHA! Oh well, just an open letter to you future husband :3

Really, it’s just some useless rambling… Moving on to life now….

– – –

Fast Fact:

I love tropical fruits like rambutan, coconut, avocado, santol, atis, lansones, chico and the likes. Those that you can eat seasonally in the Philippines. HAHA!!! That’s something I really miss when I was abroad :c

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