Choose Me.

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‘I can’t believe you’ll be talking about him in today’s taping,’ Yunho hissed through gritted teeth, drumming his fingers against the table. Totally consumed by his own fury, he forgot about the glass of wine he was drinking just a while ago.

It was just after their recording. Yeon Hee and Ara promised to free their schedule so all three of them could accompany BoA after the show. Unfortunately, the two suddenly couldn’t commit to their previous engagement and left almost immediately after. Not that he’s complaining because he wanted to have a word with BoA anyway. Alone if possible.

‘I didn’t know what else I should be talking about during the show. I thought mentioning him was interesting enough to spark the audience’s attention, no?’

Yunho glared at her.

If she knew Yunho would be there, she never would have chosen to disclose that information during the recording. Especially that it’s just the two of them now, left alone, drinking wine at their favorite bar. It was so awkward. And she’s not exactly in the mood to hear his nagging.

When she was dating, she told Yunho and Jaejoong practically everything. Yunho was more attentive, though. He coached her a lot, too. He has always been so kind to her, guiding her and responsive whenever she had any emotional outbursts that needed attention. They didn’t meet often, even in Japan, but he wouldn’t let his presence be missed. Even if he, himself, has been consumed by controversies and stress over the past two years, he never made BoA feel that she’s an added burden.

‘I never really told you about this but I hated that guy.’

BoA laughed heartily. ‘You don’t have to, I already know.’ Smiling, she took another sip of her wine. It was sweet and calming. She felt Yunho’s eyes bore on her but she dared not look at him across the table. She didn’t want to see his annoyed face as he starts scolding her again.

She matured faster than any of her other friends but around him, she just wanted to be a spoiled brat and cave in to her childish side.

Having a dependable friend like Yunho gave her the confidence to just relax and not think about being rational or adult-like. That was too exhausting..

‘Well, I’m glad you know. He’s a bad person who just wants to rub off of your popularity. What a low life.’

BoA closed her eyes and remembered the past. It wasn’t a pleasant memory. To find out that there was no sincerity in their relationship was probably the most painful feeling she ever had to endure. Like what Yunho said, that person didn’t want her as a woman but a popular icon that could possibly boost his own status in the society.. It was a horrible experience. The emotional investment that guy trashed so easily…


BoA finished her glass of wine before she realized it. She needed more if she wanted to calm herself now.

‘It’s not as easy as you think, finding a good guy… Where else can I find somebody who can sincerely love me for me? Who would be understanding enough to love my wicked personality instead of just my face?’ BoA hesitated then looked at Yunho’s way, ‘Who would be man enough to take care of my weak and useless self beyond all this fame?  It’s almost like wishing for an impossible miracle, really.’

The sadness in her voice was too much. That was definitely the BoA nobody has ever seen, before his eyes. This small fragile girl who tried and endured everything by herself in her youth… The one who never tasted the true happiness of being love… And the one that needs protecting the most…

‘Didn’t I tell you before? Whatever you wish for, I’ll definitely get it for you.’

BoA forced a laugh amidst her loneliness. ‘Are you gonna buy me a wonderful boyfriend now? A house, perhaps?’ at this point, she’s just going along with the conversation. She already appreciates the fact that for the longest time, Yunho has been there as a support, a brother, a best friend… His mere presence in her life was already a miracle in itself.

‘I just told you earlier, buying a house is something you do with your future husband..’ Yunho stood up and pulled his seat closer to BoA. They’re directly looking at each other now. Yunho saw her cheeks already flushed and then smiled. He brushed her hair and tucked it behind her ear. In his mind, there’s no other opportunity to convey his honest feelings for her except now. The possibility of rejection was imminent. However he thought, if he wouldn’t show her that a guy can sincerely love her as she is, she would never believe anything else anymore.

It’s like a leap of faith. If it’s worth the risk then he’s definitely willing to take the fall. BoA was worth everything he’s got.

‘But if you really want me to, I need to be your husband first.’ He smiled sweetly, anticipating her answer. It was a subtle message but he knew that it was enough for her to understand.

Her eyes widened in shock as soon as those words escaped his lips. She was speechless. Her heart then, felt like crawling out her rib cage. She has always thought Yunho was a good guy and that who ever he chooses to be with would be so lucky. But the thing is, he’s asking her to choose him. The sudden turn of event went by too fast. And something started to tick.

‘I can be everything you ever wanted, BoA. I know it feels sudden but for all this time, you know more than anybody about my sincerity.’ he paused. He reached for her hands and held it in between his grasp. ‘You can’t be totally oblivious of my feelings…’ he trailed off.

BoA bit her lip and casted her head down. There was some truth behind his words. From time to time, her thoughts wandered and played little scenarios between her and Yunho. But up until now, it seemed like the evolution of their friendship was only a fictional story her mind created. Quite unexpected, she’s starting to believe now that an impossible miracle was already taking its form to grant her her wish. ‘It’s as if you are granting me my miracle…’ she finally said in a small voice.

A smile slowly crept on Yunho’s face, finally realizing what those words meant.

‘Now, definitely get me a house.’

‘Not after a kiss! You made me wait too long…’


– – –

It has to have a crappy ending of course. It’s my trademark.

But seriously, I only meant to write a drabble. Several scenes were already playing in my mind but I had to write it as is. I hope it’s not completely cheesy? I tried to add a little humor at the end but it seemed like it’s more of a phail than anything…

Oh well, at least this is out of my system… If only it can be of a reality then my heart would be so, soo happy :3

Ugh! Just get married already!

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Patience

3 Responses to “Choose Me.”

  1. Oh, this is so cute *————————————–* Yunboa is such a cute couple. I wish they were real. This fanfic is really nice. Is not predictable so I loved it. But I’m sad it’s a oneshot. I could read this forever

    • Awww Shannon! That’s the sweetest thing ever!!! I’m glad you like it!!! I know it’s kinda short but I thought it would’ve been better to end there and leave everything in your imagination. Thanks for picking up this story and hopefully you get to read some of my other one shots. HAHA! YunBoA for the win!

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