The Ending Where it all Started

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All nine of them held hands. All nine, linked together in an unbreakable bond.

It was the last song, the last stage. Hyoyeon was reluctant to release Seohyun’s hand but she has to, eventually. Seohyun walked steadily towards the grand piano, her shoulders visibly shaking. The girls surrounded her as the pin light dimmed, focusing on them. She sat down and began playing a piano version of ‘Into the New World‘.

The first few notes was enough to remind them of their small beginnings as singers. Strongly now than before. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step after all. They felt humbled by their experiences and by how far they’ve come ever since. It wasn’t an easy journey. They’ve faced a lot of obstacles but with their faith with one another and the support from everyone, they were able to persevere. And that in the end, it was all worth it.

Soon after, a full orchestra opened up and accompanied  Seohyun’s piano playing. Before realizing it, Taeyeon’s voice cracked while she was singing her part. A great amount of emotion washed over her. It’s been this long since she embraced her destiny as a member of Girls’ Generation, watching as all nine of them grew up as who they are now. Never in all those years did she regret being a part of this bond. There were highs and lows, it’s true. Giving up did cross her mind a few times, but not about regretting any of it. She loved this family. This will always be home to her.

It was the same for everybody. Sooyoung and Tiffany couldn’t even sing their lines properly anymore. They were both sobbing uncontrollably, overwhelmed by their nostalgic feelings. The sacrifices Tiffany made while she was a teenager paved way to this unbelievable success. She would forever be grateful by that opportunity that knocked on her door and she couldn’t thank God enough for all these blessings. Sooyoung felt the same amount of gratitude. She had wished for it fervently but to actually be granted this dream was beyond anybody’s expectations. She worked hard and faced a lot of hindrances. She was hurt in the process and had to endure a lot of pain but in the end, her sisters made it possible for her to get through with it. Sooyoung held Tiffany’s hand and squeezed it tight, reminding her that she understood her feelings.

Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny held back their tears but it was still clear how sentimental they were at the time. Hyoyeon wasn’t even the type to cry and show her emotions so openly but at this point, she can’t help but break down. Jessica, who knew her best, held her friend’s arm in the hopes of steadying her stance but both of them were already so weak and overwhelmed with feelings that they ended up crying as well. Sunny walked towards them and embraced the two. It was all she could ever do to calm them but she knew it wouldn’t be enough. For this moment would ask more than this. This moment would ask more than a simple embrace when all nine of them would have to let go…

Yuri and YoonA on the other hand couldn’t even face the audience at this point. They stood at the far end of the stage hiding their tear stained faces. They knew they couldn’t ignore this moment any longer. Although they were aware that this time would come eventually, standing and reliving it was still the most painful thing they would have to go through in all those years they were together. Nobody ever said goodbyes won’t be painful…

Yuri pulled Yoona and walked where everybody else were standing.

The two noticed Seohyun who couldn’t even play the piano as she was supposed to any longer. Tears filled her eyes and was crying silently. Seohyun covered her eyes with her fragile hands as her now audible sobbing was heard over the microphone. Yuri and Yoona approached her first and enveloped their maknae in a tight embrace. Perhaps Seohyun was more hurt than anybody could have imagined. For the longest time, she was so used to having eight older sisters protect and watch over her all these years. For all that to cease, although predetermined, was something she couldn’t bring herself to accept.

It was selfish.

Seohyun knew she couldn’t help and stop this moment from happening, but she hated it. Her heart would explode just thinking about this sad parting. YoonA gripped her shoulder and for the first time, Seohyun looked up and saw her sisters’ encouraging nods. She looked around and saw the others approaching her with a thoughtful smile on their faces. And then she realized it. Being part of Girls’ Generation wasn’t just her dream. It was a dream all nine of them made into a reality and as much as she was hurting was her sisters hurting with her as well.

Seohyun took a deep breath and held Yuri’s hand as she helped her stand up. All nine of them held hands and faced everyone.

That moment was so special, so precious… Standing in front of a pink ocean, they realized just how far they’ve come and the amount of love they’ve received from all of them. It didn’t matter who were there from the very beginning. What’s important were those who stayed until the end.

It was the last song. It was their last stage. 

The crowd that grew up together with them watched them with teary eyes. Everybody wanted them to stay together until the end, the way the girls wanted it to be forever. But every journey, needed to reach its end. Girls’ Generation’s journey finally reached it’s fated destination.

The ending where it all started

From here onwards, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, YoonA and Seohyun would take on their own destiny, and would once again be reborn into the new world.

Still with the heart of one, their beautiful story would be remembered.

Forever a special memory in their hearts…


– – –

Nobody wanted them to disband. But even I am not so delusional as to think that SNSD will stay together forever :c

I’ve always wondered how it’ll be during their farewell stage and I’ve always imagined it to be this way (please check the video I attached. It is so relevant for this particular post). Like I said in the above drabble, an ending where it all started. Just thinking about it is so saddening… HAHA, But I have to be the masochist one and write this, iuno… drabble slash fanfic.

Oh well, all my feels right now…


– – –

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  1. omg that video is just……:´( i can’t even imagine how and when it’ll end (i don’t want to either)

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